Review of the WLtoys Q383 – A Mini RC Hexacopter (Coupon included)


The WLtoys Q383 hexacopter comes with a unique design featuring an omnidirectional protective frame around it. It also has a HD camera, is ideal for beginners and supports many features.


The WLtoys Q383 is made out of ABS and electronic components. All around the hexacopter we see an omnidirectional protective frame. The Q383 comes out in orange and black color. IT weights only 0.049 kg and comes with dimensions 17.30 x 17.30 x 5.30 cm.


The WLtoys Q383 features a 5.8G FPV with 4 channels and mode 2 as control type. For motor, a brushed type helps the hexacopter fly. Features a 6 Axis Gyro for balance and can do 3D rollover, Forward/backward, Headless Mode, Hover, One Key Automatic Return, Turn left/right,Up/down. The camera that has can shoot 720p video. It is also equipped with lights for night fly. You can control the haxaptocer at a distance of 60-80m and the FPV distance is about 50 – 70m. The hexacopter is suitable for 14y. kids and above.


The WLtoys Q383 comes with a 3.7V 500mAh lithium-ion battery. In order to fully charge the battery you will need about 90 mins and after that you can enjoy your hexacopter for about 5~6mins.


The WLtoys Q383 comes with a unique design of an omnidirectional protective frame, that will protect your drone from damage. IT supports also many features to play with. We have found it at Gearbest and if and you want to become yours, order it now using the coupon code GB9%, so the final price to drop down to $79.52!


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