Review of the Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick Tripod w/ Bluetooth Wireless Self Timer for iOS/Android Smartphone (photo and video included)


For my reviews and now for my summer vacations, I wanted to find a selfie stick, with remote control through Bluetooth, that could be used as a stick or as a tripod, so I can use it in both occasions.As a big Xiaomi fan, I bought the latest gadget Xiaomi presented in this category, the Xiaomi Selfie Stick with BT wireless self timer from Geekbuying.

Why I chose this selfie stick!? For my reviews I need a stable tripod that has a remote, in order to be able to control my Xiaomi Mi5S Plus or Xiaomi Mi Note Pro that I mainly use, to capture the video or the images that I want. For my vacations, will also need a stable selfie stick that can expand enough for taking pictures from above or in angles and at the same time a tripod, to be able to set steady somewhere my mobile, to take pictures from a distance, when I need, so with a remote control for this occasion. Xiaomi Mi Selfie Stick is the ideal choice for both situations. The order was made from Geekbuying, as it have the lowest price and they are a reliable eshop to buy from.

The package came to me with post and tracking number. Despite the fact that it was well protected, the box of the selfie stick was a little smashed as you can see in the photo. But there was no damage at the selfie stick. The box of the Xiaomi Selfie stick is a white luxurious one, with an image of the Xiaomi Selfie Stick on the front and information about it and how to use it, in Chinese only. Of course, I don’t think anyone needs manual how to use a selfie stick with a BT remote control, so no problem there.

Opening the box, inside at the top was the BT remote control in an other small box and below that was the selfie stick. The Selfie Stick is very compact, light and easy to carry. The Selfie Stick is made out of aluminum. It’s dimensions when is not expanded, are 45 × 49.5 × 190 mm and weights only 155g. When the Selfie Stick is fully expanded, the length becomes 890mm!

In the photos you can see a gap on the main stick. There it can be fitted the BT remote, as you can see on the third photo. The BT remote has the Mi logo on it. Comes with a built-in 60mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. In order to activate it, all you have to do is to press it long. The BT signal will start then to blink and then you can connect it with your mobile. In my Xiaomi Mi5S Plus was recognized as XMZPG. After the device is paired, you can rename it as you like of course. The BT remote control is compatible with Android 4.3 and above, iOS 5.0 and above.

To close it, again just press it, till you don’t see the blue light. The device can be set as trusted, to activate the mobile if it is locked with a pattern, in order to be able to work with your mobile at any time. Also, the upper part of the selfie stick, can rotate 360°, so you can set it as you like and use it.

Watch below an unboxing with review video of the Xiaomi Selfie Stick.

The Xiaomi Selfie Stick with BT wireless self timer, as you can see is the ideal choice for taking the perfect holiday pictures and for making selfie videos or reviews like I do. Geekbuying, has a promotional sale for it for the next three days and is selling it at 16.89$ only, so if you want a reliable selfie stick, grab this opportunity at this low price!


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