Review of the YUNTENG VCT-520RM – A Portable Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Tripod (Coupon included)


The YUNTENG VCT-520RM is a tripod  that is light, durable and easy to use because is made from high quality aluminum alloy. It has the ability to set the mobile with a 360° adjustable shooting angle or a 90° vertical shooting angle.


The YUNTENG VCT-520RM is a tripod with aluminum alloy legs. The maximum length that can reach when are fully extended is 120cm. On the other hand, when you want to carry them, they can “shrink” when they are folded down to 43cm. From the under area of the feet, they have a non-slip rubber to avoid sliding. When you want to carry them, you can use the carrying bag that the VCT-520 has, for carrying and storage more easily. The YUNTENG VCT-520RM can stand up to 1.5kg. The tripod weights only 575g.


The YUNTENG VCT-520RM as we have mentioned at the start, they feature a 360° adjustable shooting angle, so you can shoot what you want easily or you can use the 90° of vertical shooting. By this way, they help you take the ideal shot with your phone / digital camera or ILDC. In order to use it with your camera, the YUNTENG VCT-520RM feature a anti-skid rubber plate with 1/4″ screw.


The YUNTENG VCT-520RM is one more tripod that can help you take the ideal shot. From the features that has, I can say that does a very good job. Now, weather you gonna take this or any other tripod, for sure you will have to go to to find the ideal. If you like this proposal, don’t forget to use our coupon code YUNTENG8, in order to have 8% OFF from the final price. But be careful, since the coupon ends on the Feb.28.



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