Review of the YUNTENG690 – A Portable Aluminum Lightweight Tripod (Coupon included)


The YUNTENG690 is a very light, portable tripod made out of aluminum that anyone, amateur or pro, can easily use it to take steady images and video shots.


The YUNTENG690 is made out of durable and light Aluminum Alloy & ABS. You can mount any camera you have, if only has a slot for the 1/4 screw that has. The YUNTENG690 can be easily carried since it’s length is only 47cm when is folded. When you open it it can reach the maximum length of 148cm and can hold up to 3KG. The tripod itself weights 1397g.


The YUNTENG690 is one of the best tripod to use in order to have the most steady shots. By this way your images will be clear and your video won’t be shaken. It is so adjustable that has 360° adjustable shooting angle. It also supports 90° vertical shooting if needed. Due to the anti-skid rubber plate with 1/4″ screw, you can mount any camera that you have, only if it has the slot for the screw, that most camera have. By this way you don’t have to fear that it will not be compatible with your camera. The legs of the tripod are constructed from 4 sections. The tripod features also and a gravity hook, to hold your tripod more stable when hanging with weights, so there is no way it will move. The tripod features a handle to control the lifting height of the head, for more ease. The legs end at adjustable and non-slip rubber, so it won’t slip. With the carrying bag that has, is more easy to carry around and have everything together.


The YUNTENG690 is a very good solution for the amateur and for the pro, to be able to take clear images and video, under any situation, at any uneven terrain. The solution is coming of course from the, where they specialize at photography and know what an amateur or a pro will need. Now that the Valentines day is coming, and for sure would like to take amazing photos of you and your other half, go over to, use our coupon code IGEEK5 and take it at a much lower price!


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