Review of VR SHINECON G-04 and Y-003 VR Headset with Coupon


VR Shinecon is famous for some budget vr headsets, some users may have used this brand before, recently, it has released the new other models, VR SHINECON G-04 and Y-003 which is the other budget useful VR headsets to let you enjoy immersive virtual world. The main difference between them is the design.


VR SHINECON G-04 has 18.5 * 12.5 * 9.5cm dimensions, 282g weight, but VR SHINECON  Y-003 has 19.5 * 11 * 9.5cm dimensions, and 198g weight. they both are available for black color, made of ABS material, which can be used for 3.5 inch to 6 inch smartphone.

Hardware and Features

VR SHINECON G-04 and VR SHINECON Y-003 support aspherical lens, but the former has 40mm lens diameter, 120 degrees FOV,  the latter has 42mm lens diameter, 105º FOV, they both can support wearing glasses directly and the headstrap is adjustable. G-04 supports 54mm to 72mm IPD and Focus adjustment and 0mm to 10mm focus, the Y-003 supports 56mm to 74mm IPD, up to 8mm focus.


VR SHINECON G-04 and VR SHINECON Y-003 are both the budget latest VR headset you can have a try. But the latter is a little cheaper, you can use coupon code: 4TVBOX valid for both. Come on!


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