Review of Xiaomi MI5C VS Huawei Honor 8 Lite VS Meizu M5 Note VS 360 N5 VS Redmi Note 4X Camera


Camera has become the main competition on those smartphones, different big brands are very caring about photographing ability of their smartphones, and high-end camera has become the main competition of their phone. And those budget mid-range smartphones are the best choices for most users to save much money. Today we will compare five top smartphones famous for their camera, Xiaomi MI5C, Huawei Honor 8 liteMeizu M5 Note360 N5 and Redmi Note 4X.

Highlight 1: The sensor of the eye of Dark night is equipped with Pinecone Surge S1 image processor, can it become the photographing flagship in 150usd smartphones?

Although Xiaomi MI5C doesn’t use IMX378 of Xiaomi MI5S, it still can be claimed as Dark night of eye, and it has Pinecone Surge S1 de-noise algorithm, it sells at 1,499 yuan, which is the most expensive smartphone in 150usd rank. Compared with others, will Xiaomi MI5C become the flagship in camera?

Highlight 2: How much improvement of Snapdragon 653 image processing engine compared with other smartphones?

360 N5 uses a flagship chipset, Snapdragon 653 processor, whether in ISP image algorithm or photographing experience, 360 N5 will be the best one in camera experience, is it real?

Highlight 3: Which one is more suitable for those budget 150usd smartphones, OV12870, IMX386 and IMX258?

Since Xiaomi MI6 is released with IMX386 sensor, IMX258 is the upgraded version of IMX214 after adding PDAF, OV12870 is the common one in smartphone’s camera, so which one is the most excellent?

Camera Experience and Samples comparison

Xiaomi MI5C Camera Interface

360 N5 Camera Interface

Huawei Honor 8 Camera Interface

Redmi Note 4X Camera Interface

Meizu M5 Note Camera Interface

They all have very rich photographing mode, such as professional mode, HDR, panoramic, etc. But in special features, 360 N5 has richest photographing mode, no need to download more third-party apps.

On the other hand, in function layout, Xiaomi MI5C has most simplest interface in choosing the scene, the main features has set up in the second-menu.
But 360 N5 camera interface is a little more complicated.

In  HDR switch placement, compared with MIUI and Flyme OS, other two smartphones to turn on HDR are little complicated.

In addition, in photographing experience, all five smartphones have no big problem.

Sample Comparison

In the first set of samples, the color of the leftest garbage looks dark, and there is light shining on the object directly, which shows the dark blue.The sample of Redmi Note 4X is more adorable in color saturation. Huawei Honor 8 Lite has highest color saturation, but it doesn’t look good in fact.

Look at dark part,  360 N5, Honor 8 Lite and Meizu M5 Note shows blue part to different extent, only Redmi Note 4X doesn’t have this kind of issue, but Xiaomi MI5C doesn’t restrict the sunshine well, so there is also no other color. According to comprehensive situation, this set of sample of Redmi Note 4X performs best. Honor 8 lite is second to Redmi Note 4x.

This set of sample, Xiaomi MI5C shows yellow color a little due to inappropriate  light processing, 360 N5 deals with the color a little green, Meizu M5 Note shows a little blue in brick, the best sample should be Honor 8 Lite, and then Redmi Note 4x.

In this set of sample, about sky part, it should be blue sky, but Honor 8 lite has good performance, Redmi Note 4 deals with it in cloudy day, 360 N5 shows weird sky color. Maybe it’s due to algorithm.

Let’s check analysis ability, after enlarging the fonts on the boat, Xiaomi MI5C is a little stronger than Huawei Honor 8 Lite, the other three smartphones have obvious sharpness, Meizu m5 note shows worst fonts details.

In HDR algorithm, the fastest speed is Honor 8 Lite, almost finish instantly, others need to wait for several seconds, the slowest is Meizu M5 Note, but 360 N5 with Snapdragon 653 processor doesn’t have any advantage which make us surprise.

Under turning off HDR state in default, the dynamic state of Honor 8 Lite is a little better than other four smartphones, Meizu M5 Note has brighter image which gives us a good impression, the other three smartphones need to be improved.

After turning on HDR comparison, Xiaomi MI5C and Honor 8 lite show most excellent performance, but Xiaomi MI5C has a little glare issue. 360 N5 shows a little strange color in sky, Redmi Note 4X and Meizu M5 Note tend to green and blue accordingly.

In macro distance, focus on the flower part, Xiaomi MI5C has not enough exposure in overall image, Redmi Note 4X background has a little over exposure, Meizu M5 Note in leaves part shows color partial.

In Background blurring, 5 smartphones don’t have much gap, 360 N5 and Redmi Note 4X are better in blurring effect, thanks to f/2.0.

In indoor light scene, Redmi Note 4X has cold color, Meizu M5 Note looks warm, 360 N5 is lack of exposure, Honor 8 Lite and Xiaomi MI5C have processing accuracy in light and color.

In details,Xiaomi MI5C and Huawei Honor 8 lite shows richest details, in indoor scene, whether in exposure control or details control, Xiaomi MI5C and Honor 8 Lite have better strength.

Last but not least, in night scene, big glare of Meizu M5 Note  and lack of brightness of 360 N5 are out first, Redmi Note 4X deals with building part a little over exposure, only Huawei Honor 8 lite and Xiaomi MI5C are worthwhile to check.


According to main comparison, Huawei Honor 8 lite is best in day light performance, but in indoor and night scene, Xiaomi MI5C has advantage, due to IMX386 sensor, the overall performance is better than IMX258, thanks to OV12870 sensor, Xiaomi MI5C shows best night photographing performance, only in night scene. Xiaomi MI5C has not dealt with sunshine in the day naturally. Meizu M5 Note and Redmi Note 4X are in similar level. 360 N5 is not ideal in color processing. You can check Redmi Note 4x coupon as follow.

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