Review The Hoverwatch Phone Keylogger


A phone keylogger app is becoming a necessity in parental and employees monitoring controls. Since everybody, regardless of age, is owning a smartphone, the need to track phone activities is essential. It can help you to keep your loved ones safe from internet bullying and inappropriate online contents. Also, the tool is useful in tracking phone locations, if the device gets lost or stolen.

As well, a phone keylogger can help employers to monitor employees’ activities. This’ll assist in preventing confidential information from leaking out from your company, business or organization. The app can also be used to know whether workers are using company assets for personal use.

What’s Phone Keylogger App?

Whether a parent, employer or spouse you can use a phone keylogger tool to spy on any Android Smartphone. The spy program keeps records of keystrokes pressed or typed on the phone which it’s installed in. It’s also a digital supervision software that records clicks and actions on devices, together with downloads and conversations made on the target phone.
Phone keyloggers operate under a hidden mode. You can track or log all keys typed on the keyboard or keypad secretly. Thus, anyone using the target phone will not know or suspect he or she is being tracked.

What’s Hoverwatch Phone Keylogger App?

Hoverwatch is a cell phone tracker. The apps record activities performed on a device it’s installed in. This Android spy keylogger doesn’t need an internet connection for its specialties to function on the smartphone. Once launched on the target device, all features will be activated automatically.

The tool is useful in tracking call history, SMS, audios, contacts, camera activities, calendar, to-do list and the exact location of a phone device. Additionally, it monitors activities in social media platforms such as SnapChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Skype, and Facebook.

Once Hoverwatch app records target phone activities, the information will be uploaded to your account. You can access and review what a target phone user did with the device by logging in into the account from anywhere and at any time you want.

What Do I know About Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is feasible, and anyone can use the app to track phones or monitor phone activities. It can help you discover the person who used or is using your phone even when you don’t have your device with you.

The keylogger is compatible with multiple devices such as Android phones, Windows 8, 8.1, 7, and 10, as well as Mac operating system. Also, its features will perform accurately regardless of the device type or Android version.

Hoverwatch app is an all-in-one monitoring software with unique features. Parents or business owners can use this tool to inspect kids or employees’ digital activities. You can configure the settings of the software to ensure children don’t access harmful social media sites such as pornography and radicalization websites.

It’s also free to sign up to Hoverwatch phone keylogger app. And once you succeed, you’ll receive 3-days trial period for free.
Moreover, employers in public or private companies can use Hoverwatch to collect valuable information about phone usages, within and outside company premises. This’s helpful for the security and growth of your business.

What Can I Do with Hoverwatch Phone Keylogger App?

Hoverwatch is a go-to spying tool for all your monitoring purposes. You can use the app to track smartphones or view activities your kids do on their phones.

Do I Need Special Knowledge to Install and Use Hoverwatch Phone Keylogger App?

For you to install and use the app on your computer, you need to have general knowledge on how to run a PC. On smartphones, you don’t need specialized skills to use this phone tracker. All you require to understand is how to operate a smartphone. The application is like other apps on your phone.

Hoverwatch app also has an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface. You don’t need any knowledge in programming, software skills or coding practices.

Hoverwatch Features

  • Phone Keylogger

Hoverwatch records and logs every click and touch performed on the target device. It also records conversations and downloads made on the phone.

  • Track Calls

Whether incoming or outgoing calls, the keylogger logs every dialing activity. It also records call details such as caller ID, call duration, time and date of the call.

  • Manage SMS

You can also view incoming and outgoing SMS. The tool can record both audio and video message formats from all social media applications.

  • Track Internet History

The keylogger can also upload the visited URLs by the target phone user. It’ll also record screenshots of the content accessed on these sites.

  • Geo-location Feature

The feature allows you to trace the geographical location of the targeted device. The tool uses GPS and WI-FI networks to perform this operation.

  • Show Passwords

Hoverwatch keylogger can also help in cracking passwords no various accounts such as emails, Instagram, Facebook, and SnapChat. The user names and passwords will be recorded on your Hoverwatch logs.

  • Online Events

You can also track online events. The app will record information about the websites visited and the accessed data.

  • Hoverwatch Viewer

Hoverwatch has recently introduced the HW Viewer feature for convenient viewing all local logs. The feature is especially useful to users monitoring more than 5 devices.

How to Use Hoverwatch Legally

Using Hoverwatch in monitoring employees and children is allowed by the authorities. But you need to ensure the target user consent of the activity. Also, before using the application confirm the legal usage of the application in your country.

Support App

You can install Hoverwatch phone keylogger on any Android, Mac, and Windows device. Accept all terms and conditions while installing the application for a successful installation of the app on the target phone. Also, it’s essential to update the software regularly to improve its performance.

Hoverwatch Pricing

Price per month is quite affordable, can be compared with a cup of good coffee. And if you immediately take immediately for a year, the price will be even cheaper. You can choose from several plans, depending on your needs.

Personal Plan

  • 1 month for $24.95
    • 3 months package for $59.95
    • 12 months package for $99.95

Professional Plan: For 5 Devices

  • 1 month for $49.95
    • 3 months package for $99.95
    • 12 months package for $199.95

Business Plan: For 25 Devices

  • 1 month for $149.95
    • 3 months package for $299.95
    • 12 months package for $499.95


From the above review, Hoverwatch is an excellent monitoring tool for both parents and employers. It helps you protect your kids from harmful contents. For employers, the phone keylogger app will assist you in staying vigilant on your workers by knowing their locations and information they share with fellow employees.


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