Review: Xiaomi Amazfit GTS – Up to 46 days battery and AMOLED screen! Comparison to Amazfit GTR 47mm, what to choose….with coupon!


Xiaomi is one of my most favorites companies and I personally have a lot of gadgets from this company. From the smartwatches/wearable that Xiaomi has presented to us through Huami mainly, I have all Mi Band (1, !s, 2, 3, 4), Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Stratos 2, Amazfit GTR 47mm and Amazfit GTS which arrived to me from Banggood before some days.

Everybody was saying Amazfit GTS is alike Amazfit GTR, with some worst specs at some points, no need to review it and so on. Nevertheless, I believe better what I see so after a long wait, it finally arrived. The parcel that I got was really beautiful. With the word GTS on the side, at the top side there was a image of the GTS with some specs at the lower right side of the box and at the back you could also find some notes in Chinese this time.

Inside the box you will find the Amazfit GTS, the magnetic charger and a manual in many languages. The watch is very thin and light, square with the strap from silicone. Because everybody is saying the GTS (S=square) with GTR (R=round), are very alike, I believe the honest thing to do is to compare them and at the same time know all the specs of the GTS. So I made a comparison table, with the specs side by side, so to know what GTS has and how is compared to GTR.


Amazfit GTS

Amazfit GTR 47mm

Dial thickness



Screen size

1.65″ AMOLED square

1.39″ AMOLED round

screen resolution

348 x 442 px

454 x 454 px





38.7g (with strap)

24.8g (without strap)

Aluminium alloy: 36g

 Stainless steel: 48g

Titanium: 40g

IP rating


Sports mode



Supported in Chinese version only

Battery capacity

220mAh LiPo

410mAh LiPo

Charging time


Battery life

Daily use mode: 14 days

Daily use mode: 24 days

Basic watch mode: 46days

Basic watch mode: 74 days

GPS continuous working: 25hrs

GPS continuous working: 40hrs

Location technique




BioTracker PPG Biological tracking optical sensor
6-axis acceleration sensor
3-axis geomagnetic sensor
Air pressure sensor
Ambient brightness sensor

BioTracker PPG Biological tracking optical sensor
6-axis acceleration sensor
3-axis geomagnetic sensor
Barometric sensor
Capacitive sensor
Ambient brightness sensor

Support equipment

Android 5.0 and above, iOS 10.0 and above

Other highlights

Display DIY


As you can see from the info above, the GTS is thinner, lighter, with bigger screen, DIY display, in more colors and with a extra sensor of Air pressure. For me, I will add and better colors, as in my review and next to my GTR 47mm, the colors of the the GTS where more vivid and clear. Check the images below…

As you see the menu is the same with the Amazfit GTR 47mm. The difference of the DIY display is what makes this smartwatch stands out, as it very impressive. At the main screen, by pressing each different area, activates the function combined with, without the need of getting in the menu. Also, You can change what it can be shown, so is very helpful. Unfortunately, this is not an option at GTR. As for the rest of the specs, the battery is kept at a very good level, since a two weeks life is not little.

Check and my video review below and don’t forget to like it, register and share it…

As you can see the Amazfit GTS has a vivid AMOLED screen, with very good specs and features that make it stand out, light and thin. You can buy it from Banggood, from where I got it for only 34.99$ if you use the coupon BGAGTS at this link:  . You can find and many other things for the Amazfit GTS, like protective film, covers or straps at this page of Banggood.

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