Review: Xiaomi Mijia syb01 Quartz analog smartwatch – Check this really beautiful watch from Xiaomi


People that know me, are very well aware that I’m a big Xiaomi fan. So I try to buy thing from the company or test them, since I know that always are of very good quality and are value for money item. So when I saw this beautiful analog smartwatch from Xiaomi Mijia, arranged to get it from Banggood and test it. The analog smartwatch that I’m speaking is the Xiaomi Mijia SYB01 Quartz Watch.

Xiaomi Mijia SYB01 Quartz Watch came to me with Priority Direct Post, a way that has no customs. The post package was simple, but what I was interested was the inside. So opening the postal package, came across a beautiful long white box, with the image of the Xiaomi Mijia watch on the top side and with various specs on the bottom side, written in Chinese.

Opening the box, inside you will find only the watch and inside a box, a manual in Chinese, which frankly speaking, you wont need it. You will notice that there is no charging cable as there is no need for it. That’s because the Xiaomi watch uses a CR2430 battery which can last up to 6 months. So forget all chargers, that you have to charge your watch every couple days and twice a year you only change the battery and that’s it!

The Xiaomi watch is very beautiful, slim and light. The thickness of the dial is just 11.9mm and the diameter up to 40mm. The dial is made out of stainless steel. The band can be changed very easily as I show you and in the video. The total length of the band is 240mm. The watch is waterproof up to 3ATM, but this means no swimming or taking a shower. Just for daily use, if it get’s wet. At the lower part you will find no sensor, as it doesn’t measure your pulse, only your steps ans shows them on the dial. To be exact, on the dial you see in analog way, the hour (hour, minutes) and with the smaller pointer at the lower part of the watch, your steps. Yes, this pointer turns as you walk and shows you in real time how many steps you have done.

The Xiaomi watch is connected with your mobile through the Mi Home app. You activate the BT at your mobile, press once the watch, run the Mi Home app and press the Add new device at the upper right corner of your screen. Remember first to have set for Region, China, or it won’t find the watch. The app will start searching and will find it . Press on the icon and at the new page that appears now, will point you to press the button at the watch, to confirm the binding. After everything is set, will ask for your bio settings, to use them for the steps counting.

As I told you at the beginning, the Xiaomi watch might show you the time in an analog way, is a smartwatch. What can it do…to be exact five things. First, the steps. Counts them and show them as I told you at the dial. You can set different timezones. Through the timezone you can change the time at the clock and show the correct one. Third has custom reminders, which are activated and the watch vibrates. Fourth, for a group of 10 persons, a VIP group, the watch will vibrate if they call you. In order to activate this option, you must have MIUI 9 or iOS 9 and above. I’m using a Mi5S Plus at the video with MIUI 10, so I had no problem in activating this option. Last, you can set various alarms. The watch in all these cases vibrates. The bad thing is that for my arm, the vibration was weak. Used from my Stratos or the various Mi Band that have stronger vibration, the vibration of the Xiaomi Mijia syb01 was weaker. But I’m sure that a woman with a thinner and more delicate hand from mine, will understand it better.

Check and the unboxing with the review video that I have made. Don’t forget to like my video.

Hope you like the review of the Xiaomi Mijia SYB01 Quartz Watch. It’s for sure a very beautiful watch, an ideal present for a lady, a present that will be more than welcome. You can get it at Banggood for 71.99$.

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