Review&Flash Sale of Syma X8HW vs Syma X8HC vs Syma X8HG, Similar potentials but with different abilities


Syma as one of biggest RC drone brands continues to bring us amazing and useful RC quadcopters, we have introduced Syma X20, SYMA X15W, SYMA X15  and SYMA X15C before, which are all budget mini rc drones, today Syma has released new three models, Syma X8HW, Syma X8HC and Syma X8HG most users will be very confused about their difference. And which one is more worthwhile to try?


Syma X8HC, Syma X8HW, and Syma X8HG have same design with 500 * 500 * 190mm dimensions, 475g weight, and 35 * 35 * 17.1cm package dimension and 1536g package weight, the former two both come with a 2MP camera, but Syma X8HG has 8MP camera,1920 * 1080P screen resolution. Of course they all have 7.4V 2,000mAh battery, 4G Memory card, a transmitter, a RC quadcopter, etc in their package, in terms of their appearance, they are fashionable and exquisite with high quality, durable ABS material, and multi-functional. There, in design, they are same, but different color, the former two have golden color, the latter has red color.

Hardware and Features

In hardware and features, they also have much similarities, they support two mode in controller, but you should know before flying it, just charge its 2,000mAh battery full to support about 6 to 8 minutes flight time, after you finish your flight, it will take about 180 minutes to charge full.

As for their features, they both support LED light to fly at night. Equipped with latest 6 axis flight control system, they can fly stably. Different from other mini quadcopters, this two adopts advanced barometer to maintain flight altitude automatically. Believe it or not, just have a try. Besides, the other great function they can support is high/low speed mode, and 3D eversion, very cool and interesting. The other humanized feature is overcurrent protection mode to warn your drone has encountered direct impact from other objects and headless mode to fly freely and safely.

However, they only have one big difference, Syma X8HC doesn’t support WIFI real-time transmission, but Syma X8HW can support. That’s the reason that Syma X8HW is a little expensive than X8HC. In camera, X8HC and X8HW both have 2MP camera, HD resolution to take nice photos and videos, like other quadcopters,but X8HG has 8MP camera with FHD resolution for better image or video quality taking. Of course, X8HG is most expensive in three quadcopters.


According to main introduction about Syma X8HC, Syma X8HW and Syma X8HG, do you know which one is your better taste. If you need this wifi transmission to enjoy better experience, you can choose Syma X8HW, otherwise, Syma X8HC is cheaper which can save more. But if you need better camera, why not choose Syma X8HG?  Right now we have compared with other stores to find that Tomtop sells Syma X8HC at $59.99, limited in 150 pcs, and only less than 100 pcs left for flash sale in Germany Warehouse for fast shipping, and Syma X8HW only sells at $69.99, limited in 50 pcs for flash sale in US warehouse, the lowest price than others. And Syma X8HG at $103.99. We are providing the best guide and price for you.


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