Rincoe Manto aio 80w Vape Review: Comes With 18650 Battery and 3 Colors


Rincoe Manto aio 80w vape pack is a lightweight, in all cases device that brings a lot of features and flexibility to the table. It is an 80W contraption filled with a single 18650 battery, with an extent of 1-80 watts.

Plan and Display

The Rincoe Manto aio 80w units an essential device when held. The heavy and solid. Likewise, It seems like a quality thing with some thought put into it. The Carbon Fiber structure I got looks unprecedented and not as ghastly as the beast. The unusual panda designs moreover open, in any case, those crazy structures are available if that is some tea.

Rincoe Manto aio 80w vape

While the Manto is pocketable, it is a staggering device on account of the 18650 battery. Additionally, Its an unavoidable trade-off for extended battery life. A little screen that gives you admittance to experiences like power, battery level, resistance, and amp yield; change affixes just underneath that is used for power and temperature modes. A little 0.49″ OLED screen is used to show all basic information about the contraption, yet the menu is truly easy to use.

Rincoe Manto aio 80w vape


The Manto AIO tank holds 3ml of juice with an immense and easy to use juice port. All of the three circles, a 1.2ohm MTL, 0.3ohm work DTL twist, and RBA screw into a breeze current ring that is press-found a way into the tank. The retail packaging contains 1 DTL twist and 1 MTL circle with the RBA being an alternate purchase. Incredibly, I had some hardship with the principal 0.3ohm twist as it somehow ate up the scent of the case, a strong engineered smell, and turned any juice I endeavored to experience it into a pin. The MTL circle was on a very basic level better, yet this twist suffered barely 2 tanks before tasting of earth.

Rincoe Manto aio 80w vape


The Manto AIO passes on 80w appreciation to the removable 18650. By and by, I’ve used several AIOs that ensure high power yield. Additionally, The RPM40, Vinici X, and some others. The Manto is the essential contraption that I feel genuinely passes on the communicated power. Likewise, Without uncertainty, it will drain the battery in a second yet ending the Manto at high power is essentially addictive. Power is there instantly, and it props up until the break protection kicks in. It’s trifling to have 80w for a situation based contraption, nonetheless, it’s ideal to understand the option is there.

Rincoe Manto aio 80w vape


Rincoe Manto aio 80w vape unit box and you will find the contraption impeccably settled over a baggie stacked with spares. Some O-rings, a ringer-shaped 510 spill tip (an ordinary 510 stream tip is presently presented on the contraption), and an extra twist similarly to the customer manual. It is the best vape Rincoe gives. You can easily buy this from Rincoe Officials 


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