Rincoe Mechman Nano Kit Review: Comes With Compact Size and Huge 18650 Battery


Rincoe Mechman Nano Kit. You might be thinking about what it brings to us and what’s the distinction with the Rincoe Mechman, we should investigate. This is the best vape that includes many features.

Rincoe Mechman Nano Kit


If we talk about the design of the Mechman nano 90w kit is PC material, so the entire gadget is steady additionally Anti-stun. Great hand sentiments and lightweight size, give you exceptional vaping experience. It has the toughest manufactured which gives you best in hand. Also, it has a diameter of 24mm.

Rincoe Mechman Nano Kit

The size of the dripper is 810, so you can supplant it with different traditions 810 drippers as you like. At long last, Rincoe’s Metis RDA has a gold-plated 510 pointer to guarantee fantastic electrical conductivity.

Rincoe Mechman Nano Kit


Mechman Nano included with the capacity to DIY different stickers, you can change the customized sticker into it Mechman nano 90w kit.  incorporates Rincoe Mechman Nano Mod and Metis RDA. Not at all like the first Mechman 228w Mod, this variant requires just a high-power 18650 battery rather than two. Also, The enormous distinction between Rincoe Mechman Nano and Rincoe Mechman Kit 228W is that Rincoe Mechman has the Mechman Mesh Tank.

Rincoe Mechman Nano Kit

The Mechman Nano Kit is a solitary 18650-cell Kit with 90W yield and Metis RDA. The great hand emotions and lightweight size are helpful for you to convey it outside whenever. The Rincoe Metis RDA accompanies a straightforward deck and an 810 trickle tip, the deck is anything but difficult to construct and wick, which will give you gigantic cloud and thick flavor. In addition to the various assurances.


Rincoe Mechman Nano Kit will give you interesting vaping experience. Five hues for your choice. Simply get the Mechman Nano Kit with Metis RDA at this moment. you can easily buy this from Rincoe Store at $21.90


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