RITECH RIEM3 Plus 3D VR Vritual Reality Headset at $10.99


Chinese VR brand RITECH has released its latest and cheapest VR headset, RITECH RIEM3 Plus which can support watch normal 3D movies based on smartphones from 4.7inch to 6inch. It is designed by optical doctor team of Ritech, so you don’t have to worry about the clarity and dizziness.


RITECH RIEM3 Plus has novel design to avoid adjusting focus, you can use it without wearing glasses. Because it has IPD adjustment to enable the proper distance between both lens for your watching movies or enjoy 3D games. Meanwhile, it supports FOV75 to provide immersive feeling with 75 degrees wide viewing. It only weigh 290g, 30% lighter than other similar products. It has adopted unique suspension head-belt with light weight to reduce the pressure on our face.It also has unique capacitive touch button compatible for all Google Cardboard 2 games. RIEM3 Plus has transparent AR window fit for AR function. Additional thermovents are designed to release the heat generated by long time used phone. Peripheral sockets are designed for most of the AUX port, date line or charger to plug in. Therefore, it is a slim VR to be worn very comfortably. It will be available for the phones from 4.7inch to 6inches.



Therefore, if you need a entry level VR headset,  RITECH RIEM3 Plus will be a good choice right now at $10.99 for flash sale in one day. Then you can use it to enjoy latest 3D movies and 3D games. Just dance with this VR to get more fun now.


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