Roborock G10 Review: Best LDS Flagship Vacuum Cleaner of 2021


In the field of smart clean home furnishings, Stone Technology has always played the role of price butcher. In addition to its high-cost performance, in terms of technology, direct comparison with major foreign brands has not fallen behind or even won repeatedly, allowing consumers to see time and time again. The strength of this domestic brand has also greatly promoted the in-depth popularization of smart homes. After several products have been well received, Roborock Technology launched the Roborock G10 Vacuum Cleaner while the iron is hot. The main focus is intelligent cleaning, super suction, self-washing mops, and worry-free use.

In view of the problems that traditional sweeping and mopping robots are likely to encounter, such as unclean corners, trouble cleaning mops, easy breeding of bacteria, trouble changing water, etc., Roborock has made key optimizations this time.

The mopping module can be lifted and shaken to clean the stubborn stains on the floor. With the omnidirectional floating brush module and the sonic carpet module, it can be cleaner and cleaner while avoiding areas that do not need to be cleaned such as carpets. Externally on the Roborock APP, users can customize the cleaning area to avoid repeated cleaning, and can also be controlled remotely. Every time the stone self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot G10 goes home, it has been cleaned to avoid interference with the user’s daily life when the machine is cleaning.

In response to the problem of mop cleaning, the Rock self-cleaning mop robot G10 has added an automatic backwashing mop function. After each mopping, the robot can clean the mop by itself. The addition of antibacterial materials can prevent bacteria from breeding, which is really friendly for users with advanced cancer.

Automatic charging is now a must-have function for sweeping and mopping robots, and the Rock self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot G10 adds a self-cleaning base on this basis, which reduces the base’s own pollution and at the same time avoids carrying out the sweeping and mopping robot. With secondary pollution, it is naturally more at ease to use.

In addition, whether it can be cleaned is an important indicator for judging sweeping and mopping robots. The Roborock self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot G10 strives to find a balance between noise and cleaning. The suction power of 2500Pa is not the top of the sweeping and mopping robots on the market, but The noise is much lower.

Let’s take a look at the evaluation together for the specific situation.

The following are the detailed data of the Roborock G10 self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot:


The shell of the Roborock G10 self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot is still a family-style segmented design, with physical function buttons on the top and an openable top cover on the bottom.

In the boot mode, press the HOME key and the lock key at the same time for 5 seconds to choose to connect to the APP. Press the power button to find the charging base by itself, which is very convenient.

Open the top cover is the dust box and indicator light, the indicator light can see whether Wi-Fi is connected or not. The dust box removal method is also very simple. Press the upper and lower interfaces at the same time, and you can take it out with a little force. The front of the fuselage is an infrared sensor opening and a charging opening, and the LDS laser intelligent navigation system is placed in it.

Behind the fuselage is a water tank. Although the volume of the water tank is average, the robot can change the water by itself, and the large-volume water tank is unnecessary. At the bottom are two power wheels and a guide wheel, the upper left is a single-sided brush, the middle is a suction roller, and the bottom is a self-cleaning mop.

The base of the Roborock G10 self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot is very large. The bottom is the place for charging and cleaning the mop, and the top is the water tank and the connection indicator.

Different from the charging base of the traditional sweeping and mopping robot, the base of the Roborock self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot G10 has added an automatic water tank and a water change tank. The advantage of this is to avoid secondary pollution of the mop and the water tank when washing the mop. Just change the water regularly and drain the sewage. The bottom of the charging base of the Rock Self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot G10 is a power interface and a wire slot, which is quite convenient to use.

Roborock APP

As an intelligent sweeping and mopping robot, Roborock, the APP of the Roborock G10 self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot, is also very easy to use. In addition to the common function settings, it also adds many new functions.

After completing the whole house exploration, the user can customize the cleaning area, and the APP can also display the power, the area of ​​the selected area, the cleaning time, and other functions. When selecting a map, in addition to customizing the area, you can also select the number of cleanings.

In map editing, you can choose to skip the blankets and set up cleaning forbidden areas to prevent the water on the mop from contaminating the carpet and other areas.

The user can also customize the name of the area, such as bedroom, living room, etc., for daily cleaning at a glance.  In addition to cleaning by selecting the area, there is also a more convenient area for cleaning, customizing the cleaning area, as long as you want, the cleaning area is up to you.

In the cleaning mode, you can choose quiet, standard, strong, and MAX suction cleaning, and you can also choose whether to mop the floor. There are also three modes of light rubbing, standard scrubbing, and strong scrubbing in the mopping options, which are suitable for various cleaning scenes.

In the settings, you can also customize the start and end time, and the child lock function can avoid accidental touches to start cleaning. The carpet cleaning mode is also very convenient. In addition to avoiding the carpet, you can also choose to increase the suction when cleaning the carpet, and automatically restore the normal suction after leaving the carpet.

However, it is recommended to turn off the mopping mode when cleaning the carpet, differently the carpet will easily breed bacteria when it gets wet, and it will not dry well.

As a sweeping robot that can clean the mop by itself, the Roborock self-cleaning sweeping and mop robot G10 can choose the cloth washing mode. The three modes of fast washing, daily washing, and deep washing are suitable for various scenarios.

The remote control mode can manually control the forward direction of the stone self-cleaning sweeping and dragging robot G10, which is very suitable for friends who don’t like hands-on.

If there is a sudden increase in stains on the ground, such as footprints on a rainy day or a water bottle knocked by a pet, you can use the remote control mode to clean the ground. You can quickly clean the ground stains by sitting on the sofa.


Like the previous Roborock sweeping and dragging robots, due to the use of the LDS navigation system, the obstacle avoidance strategy of the Roborock self-cleaning sweeping and dragging robot G10 is very radical. When the body is very close to the obstacle, the robot will choose to avoid it. This can reduce Clean up dead spots.

However, if you have a pet at home, it is best to keep it in a cage when modeling the stone self-cleaning sweeping, and dragging robot G10, so that the robot is too close to scare the pet and also affect the modeling accuracy.

After the standard cleaning mode is turned on, the garbage on the ground is easily sucked up, even if it is clay with moisture, and you can choose to sweep while dragging, even in places with too much dust, the robot can still be able to do it afterward. Clean up.

Even the most difficult daily cleaning of confetti stained with water is not too stressful for the stone self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot G10.

Wet paper scraps sticking to the ground are very troublesome cleaning objects, but in front of the stone self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot G10, it is still “vulnerable”.

After daily cleaning, you only need to take out the sewage box when changing the water. The separated design does not have to worry about cross-contamination with the water tank, and it is very convenient to use.


As an intelligent sweeping and mopping robot, the Roborock G10 has an impressive power of 2500Pa. It finds a good balance between cleaning and noise. Even if someone is at home, the noise during cleaning is within an acceptable range. In addition, with the addition of the vibration wiping mode, the actual cleaning ability is actually much higher than the nominal suction power.

The humanized automatic water change and self-washing mop function can be described as the ultimate gospel for lazy people, truly let robots serve people, not the other way around. In daily use, users no longer need to worry about whether the water is not enough or whether the mop is still being cleaned, just regularly drain the dirty water and replace the clean water.

The mop itself also uses antibacterial materials, which can reduce the growth of bacteria in the mop that has been in a wet state for a long time. Of course, for the sake of hygiene, it is recommended to wash and dry the mop once in a period of time or when it is not in use.

At the same time, the working mode of sweeping and mopping also frees users from the major project of home floor cleaning. Everything is left to the sweeping and mopping robot, which can direct the sweeping and mopping robot’s route while lying on the sofa.

As long as you want, you can even put some books and sundries on the robot, and let the stone self-cleaning sweeping robot G10 help you from the living room to the study and bedroom.

Sonic carpet recognition technology is also worth mentioning. In addition to automatically evading the carpet, you can also choose to clean the carpet forcefully. When you leave, you can restore normal suction. You can even clean the carpet. You can really like it.

In addition, the various functions of the Roborock APP make the Roborock self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot G10 more comprehensive, with rich function settings and mode selections, which are obviously different from other sweeping and mopping robots. It can be said that the Roborock self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot G10 can Half of this achievement is due to the rich software system.

If you are a late-stage patient with “lazy cancer” and are having a headache cleaning the floor at home, and want to go home every day to see that the floor is clean and hygienic the stone self-cleaning sweeping, and mopping robot G10 will be your best choice.


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