Roborock T6 Review: With 2000Pa Suction Robot Vacuum Cleaner


The sweeping robots on the market can be mainly divided into two types, one is sweeping and separating. As the name suggests, the sweeping robot only sweeps the ground. If the mopping function is required, the mopping robot needs to be purchased separately. There is also a type of sweeping and dragging. You can sweep the floor or mop the floor, and the mop can be replaced at any time.  

In comparison, the sweeping and dragging robot function is usually more comprehensive, taking into account the mopping and sweeping. The robot that sweeps and removes the separation does not only need to pay a higher cost to purchase the sweeping mopping suit, and the two machines are separated, and the first sweeping and then dragging often takes more than twice of the time, and the separate use is extremely constant.

If you want to save on purchase costs and save on cleaning time, then the sweeping robot is obviously more suitable for most people. The Roborock T6 pioneered the sweeping and dragging of some of the original products, and the word-of-mouth and sales volume have been maintained at an excellent level. The Roborock T6 is a new upgraded version of the classic S5 of the Roborock generation. It is the main product in 2019.

While continuing the comprehensive evolution of Roborock’s consistent modular design, it also retains the core basic functions of LDS laser navigation, sweeping and dragging, 2000Pa large suction, 5200mAh large battery, zone cleaning, and APP intelligent control.


The Roborock T6 is very similar to the design of the previous model. The compact white body is equipped with multiple laser sensors and devices for cleaning tasks.

This is a very convenient laser sensor. This is an important basis for the Roborock T6 to take path planning before starting cleaning. This sensor can quickly scan the room environment and then draw a room map, eliminating the need to go around. The trouble of colliding to build a map.

As shown in the above figure, the author added a water tank for the Roborock T6. The water tank can be adjusted to adjust the gear position. You can adjust it according to the cleaning requirements.

At this angle, we see the mop that is exposed. The mop is one-off. After the water is filled, the mop mode is activated to start cleaning the stains, that is, to throw and send the disposable mop tray. Clean up. From this angle, you can see the sweeping structure of the Roborock T6, the single-sided brush design, the main brush is responsible for the deep cleaning of the ground, with the mopping function, to achieve sweeping and dragging.

The Roborock T6 uses a plant bionics wet drag system. The filter core is treated as a root and the mop is treated as a leaf. After that, the water is controlled autonomously, and at most, it can be wet for 45 to 60 minutes.

Previously tested – dirty ground

In order to test the ability of the mopping land, we have previously experienced the cleaning ability of the Roborock T6 in the bathroom with strong stains on the ground. Before the cleaning began, the stains on the floor tiles were spotted and all kinds of dust were clearly visible.

The traditional sweeping and separating cleaning equipment needs to start the sweeping machine once, and then use the mopping machine to complete the second round. Here, only the water sweeping robot supporting the sweeping and sweeping robot needs to be installed with a water tank. The ground mode “starts it to clean up the stains.

After cleaning

As shown in the figure, the mud stains of the Roborock T6 (red box) have disappeared, we saw the original face of the floor tile. The uncleaned blue frame area is still white.

During the experience process, the author also found that when sweeping and mopping, the water is evenly distributed, that is, it is dragged and dried; when it is not moving, the mop automatically stops seeping, and it is indeed free to retract.

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