ROG Mobile 6 will Officially Debut on July 5th


Asus ROG officially announced that it will hold a new release conference at 20pm on July 5th to officially launch a new generation of “Tencent ROG gaming mobile phone 6“.

It hasn’t been specified, but it’s almost 100% certain that it will be powered by qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ flagship platform, and as things stand, it’s likely to be the first.

The Mi 12S Pro and MI 12 Ultra will also be the snapdragon 8+, which is expected to debut in July. The company is also partnering with Leica for the first time.

ROG game mobile phone will continue to cooperate with Tencent this time, enjoy the game resources support, optimization, appearance design, screen, control, heat dissipation and other aspects of nature will also take on a new look.

In August last year, ROG launched the upgraded 5S and 5S Pro with Snapdragon 888+, while ROG launched snapdragon 888 with snapdragon 5 in March last year, which was the flagship platform at the time.

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However, after the launch of Snapdragon 8, ROG gaming phones have been slow to make progress, which seems to be not satisfied, until the snapdragon 8 has a new technology, higher performance and energy efficiency.


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