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The company that has become part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, Roidmi, announces new vacuum cleaners that suck and wash at the same time. These are the two new wireless models, Roidmi NEX S and NEX VX that promise thorough cleaning thanks to the accessories and features that accompany them. The two models will allow you to integrate suction and washing in a single device, practical and light.

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The ROIDMI (Roidmi) wireless vacuum cleaner NEX VX host is very attractive, and it is currently available in white and gray. My color is gray as the main color, low-key, luxurious and temperamental, haha! In fact, if you don’t like gray, then white can completely satisfy you. I choose gray because I think it may be more resistant to dirt, hee hee. The armrest of the host has two switches, the black power switch on the front and the gear adjustment on the back. Like most vacuum cleaners, this vacuum cleaner has 3 gear options to enrich daily usage scenarios. Finally, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with an articulated head that allows you to rotate it to clean all corners. The Roidmi NEX S also has an LED light on the front of the brush, to clean even in poorly lit places.


Among its main features, the fact that it is equipped with an LED light in the part attached to the ground stands out to be able to see the dirt much better and functions as well as being able to connect it to our mobile phone. Counting, likewise, with a powerful and silent 145 AW motor, a speed level of 120,000 rpm and suction power of 25,000 PA, and only 72 dB of noise. In addition, as in the previous model, we can link the device to our smartphone, choose different modes of use or know the status of the battery, etc.


ROIDMI wireless vacuum cleaner NEX VX has a rated power of 435W and can generate 150W suction power. It can last for 10 minutes in high-performance mode, 35 minutes in mid-range, and 80 minutes in normal mode. That is to say, a thorough cleaning is enough for the battery life. The 2,500mAh battery promises 60 minutes of runtime at standard speeds, which drops to 15 minutes at maximum speed. The power is freely adjustable on three levels, depending on the suction requirement and on the surface to be cleaned. As for the tank capacity, the Roidmi NEX S has a 0.4 L tank.

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