SafeWiper iPhone Data Eraser – Permanently Erase Everything from iPhone


Ask you a question — What will you do before selling your iPhone ?

Before selling your iPhone to third party, you must wipe out your files and photos from iPhone.  Third party will get the complete i-device without remnant of data. Well, maybe you are using the shortcut thing to delete data. It is not a permanent solution. One is able to restore data from hard drive through recycle bin. However SafeWiper iPhone data eraser destroys data and digital files completely. In future, buyer will not be able to hack your information.  Bank details, personal head shots, profile pictures, hot videos and official documents are erasable through SafeWiper. For the improvement of performance of iPhone, you need this top notch SafeWiper speed up the data cleaning process. Now-a-days, virus and spam affect many i-devices.  If you have lot of spammed documents, you need to delete data. Feel free to use the custom SafeWiper iPhone data eraser for iPhone.

SfeWiper  Supports IOS Devices And Removes Different Types of Data/File On your iPhone

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Red, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s.

SafeWiper iPhone data eraser ensures the faster deletion of contacts list, messages, emails, SMS , photos and online surfing materials. It protects your IOS device permanently. iPhone must not be overloaded. Otherwise it will lose working capacity. Every day, you download over 50 videos, messages and share content.  Therefore, the memory is over-crowded. Go for the message deletion to keep your iPhone durable, and cool without technical glitz. Erase third party apps text messages and scan data. In this regard, it will save you from losing the important documents. So, have a look at the pop-up preview window.  Files and videos which wait for being removed should be cross checked. At present, 99 percent people like to depend on this best SafeWiper data erasing toolkit.

Steps To Use SafeWiper iPhone Data Eraser For Easy Maintenance 

  • Download and install SafeWiper iPhone data eraser on your computer
  • Connect iPhone and the computer via USB cable and launch SafeWiper
  • Opt forthe 1-Click Free Up Space,Erase All Data,Erase Deleted Files ,Erase Private Data options ,
  • Scan iPhone and select data that you want to delete from iPhone

  • Press “EraseBurn” for removing unnecessary iPhone data

In this connection,Your iPhone should not have tons of junk useless materials to decelerate the online browsing speed. Remove what you don’t need to keep on your iPhone. Right now, SafeWiper is an iPhone data eraser that can solve all these problems,

Moreover, for all IOS devices, SafeWiper iPhone data eraser is really upgraded version. Previously, data erasing method was not 100 percent successful. People complained when they deleted large videos and photos from their IOS devices. New version of SafeWiper iPhone data eraser toolkit has attractive tech features. It is much more active and functional. It gives an immediate data removing support for the sake of the iPhone protection.

Hackers will not try to steal information from your iPhone as you have erased old and outdated files. SafeWiper is the best iPhone data eraser. No jail breaking or cracking is needed to download the SafeWiper  on the IOS device. Launch the SafeWiper  apps toolkit on your iPhone for data removal. Finally, prior to delete messages and other files, you must shift data to other places. Later after iPhone formatting, transfer data to the iPhone.


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