SAMEBIKE MY-275 Review – Grab The Electric Bike at €949.44 From TOMTOP with Coupon


Introducing the SAMEBIKE MY-275 Electric Bike – a reliable and versatile transportation option that is perfect for a wide range of riding activities. Whether you’re looking for a practical mode of commuting, leisurely weekend rides, or off-road adventures, the MY-275 has got you covered. This electric bike boasts a powerful motor and long-lasting battery that allows it to reach impressive speeds of up to 50 km/h and travel up to 80 km on a single charge. With a lightweight aluminum frame, adjustable seat and handlebars, and multiple modes for various riding conditions, the MY-275 promises a comfortable and efficient riding experience like no other.



The SAMEBIKE MY-275 Electric Bike is a high-performance and adaptable option for a wide range of cycling experiences. Boasting a 500w motor, it can quickly and effortlessly reach speeds of up to 20mph; and with a 14° incline capacity, it’s well-suited for conquering hills and rugged terrain. Its 10.4AH lithium battery provides riders with a range of up to 40-45km in pure electric mode and 80-100km in power assist mode, allowing for longer and more comfortable rides. The LCD display on the handlebars provides essential information such as battery status, speed, trip distance, and speed grade, so riders can keep track of their power usage. Built with robust aluminum construction, it can support riders up to 150kg, ensuring a stable and reliable ride.

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The SAMEBIKE MY-275’s 7-speed transmission system adapts effortlessly to different types of terrain; ensuring that riders can navigate any surface with ease. The SAMEBIKE MY-275 Electric Bike places a high emphasis on safety. Equipped with front and rear disc brakes, the rider can easily control the bike and feel secure. Even on bumpy roads, the front suspension fork and soft saddle ensure a comfortable ride. Additionally, the 27.5*2.10″ tires provide maximum traction, making it easier to navigate through tough terrains. For nighttime riding, the bike features a bright headlight and rear reflector, ensuring visibility and safety. The seat height is adjustable to fit the rider’s preference, offering a comfortable experience. Lastly, the removable battery is convenient for short trips, shopping, work, and daily use; making it a practical choice for anyone in need of a reliable and safe mode of transportation.


The SAMEBIKE MY-275 Electric Bike is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a potent and flexible electric bike. Additionally, TOMTOP is currently offering a flash sale that enables customers to purchase the electric bike at a reduced price of €949.44 by using the coupon code FFMY275. Furthermore, the bike can be shipped directly from their Germany warehouse, making the purchase process more convenient. This is an exceptional opportunity to own a top-performing electric bike at an unbeatable price; so don’t miss out on this offer.


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