Samebike MY-SM26 Electric Bike For Just €769.99 (Inclusive of VAT)


We thoroughly analyze the electric bicycle that best suits women the Samebike MY-SM26 Electric Bicycle, if you are looking for an electric bicycle this may be your best option and if you are a woman without a doubt it is the best.

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The solid base of the whole bike is an aluminum frame, which ensures the durability and especially the strength of the frame under higher loads due to the electric motor, as well as higher loads, as the bike itself weighs 21 kg together with the battery. The aluminum frame is complemented by dexterous 26-inch wheels with an interesting-looking string.


As for the propulsion system, the bike has an electric motor with an output of 350W, which allows you to ride at speeds of up to 30 km/h. In pure electric mode, the rider can also pull up a hill with a slope of up to 25 degrees, which is sure to be found in the forest.

The electric motor is powered directly by a battery with a capacity of up to 384 Wh, which ensures a purely electric range of up to 40 km, while in the assistance mode, the electric motor will help you up to a distance of 80km. Shimano equipment with up to 21 gears is sure to fit with the physical drive.

As for the equipment, of course, there are disc brakes at the front and rear, as well as a built-in headlight with really high power. There is also a clear display on the handlebars, on which you will find really all the necessary information about the current state of the battery, speed, or gear.

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Where To Buy

Samebike MY-SM26 Electric Bike is now available on TOMTOP For Just €769.99 with Inclusive of VAT, available on two warehouses just click the button below the one from that you want to buy:

Buy Samebike MY-SM26 Bike From Germany Warehouse Buy Samebike MY-SM26 Bike From US Warehouse


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