Samsung Folding Phone Or Name Galaxy F: Up To 512GB, Support Dual Card


The market has already announced that Samsung will release the first foldable screen phone, but it is rumored that year after year, until 2018, there is relatively credible news exposure! Samsung has previously revealed the first folding screen The mobile phone is expected to be officially launched in 2019, and now Samsung brings us more and more information!

Samsung’s first foldable screen phone may be called Galaxy F series, F stands for the abbreviation of Foldable or Flip! The report also pointed out that a new machine coded f900USQU0ARJ5 is being tested in the US, which means the new machine The model is SM-F900U, and it is confirmed to use 512GB ROM and support dual card. Without an accident, Samsung will test the SM-F900F and SM-F900N in Europe and Asia soon.

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Finally, the Samsung Developer Conference will be held in San Francisco on November 7. Although the aircraft will not be released directly on the same day, it is believed that the design concept of the aircraft interface will be revealed for the first time, and the Galaxy F series will be warmed up.

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