Samsung Galaxy Alpha Pro Concept With Beautiful Curved Edge Screen Design


Based on the Mi Mix Alpha design with an edge-to-edge screen, where the screen extends to the sides and even on the back, AndroidLeo immediately thought of the Galaxy Alpha Pro as a special release version by Samsung, which is not the main consumer.

Galaxy Alpha Pro has a very beautiful appearance with a completely borderless design on the front thanks to the curved screen that spills out to the back. And it’s no surprise that with this unique display panel integration, the phone will no longer have any physical keys that exist on the body, including the headphone jack or other connectors.

The side screen part can be used to display notifications. The device comes with a fairly large 5000mAh battery, which is very useful to power the large screen on the Galaxy Alpha Pro.

It would be great if the Galaxy Alpha Pro completely works wirelessly and eliminates all ports and wired contacts. Therefore, Galaxy Alpha Pro also has a screen that contains a fingerprint scanner. It also comes with 5G connectivity.

No need for the selfie camera, because users can use the rear screen and the main camera to support selfie photography. The main problem is that a phone with a screen that surrounds will be fragile for everyday use because a single tap on the corner of the desk will be broken.

This is because the phone is said to cost around $1500 or more. Because of the screen, the buttons disappear and the volume buttons become virtual buttons, while the power button can be placed on the top or simply disappear. Or maybe the buttons are located on the back. For more details about the Galaxy Alpha Pro concept, please see the above video.

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