Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Specs Leaked with 28 hours of battery life


With the launch date of Samsung Galaxy S21 approaching, the detailed parameters of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, a new generation of headphones rumored to accompany the S21, are also gradually increased.

According to 91Mobiles, the battery life of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will reach 28 hours, 20% more than that of its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy Live.

In addition, Samsung also adds IPX7 waterproof capability to Galaxy Buds Pro. As far as I know, Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Buds Live only supports IPX2 waterproof capability.

It was also revealed that the device will be equipped with a 11mm bass driver, a 6.5mm treble speaker and two coaxial speakers, allowing users to feel the deep bass and transparent treble while wearing it.

It is worth noting that Galaxy Buds Pro supports ANC active noise reduction function, and can provide 35dB of noise cancellation.

It is also the first time Samsung Galaxy Buds series is equipped with active noise reduction function.

According to sources, Galaxy Buds Pro will support 3D audio, head detection, automatic detection of ambient sounds and other functions in an APP with Samsung headphones.

The device’s 3D audio technology is similar to the AirPods Pro’s spatial audio, which tracks the movement of the user’s head and device, gives the source a sense of direction and allows for movie-level surround sound even on headphones.

On appearance, the earphone charging case adopts a black design similar to frosted fog surface, which is not far behind Buds Live. The earphone cavity shell is covered with bright silver coating, and there are three independent microphones or feedback microphones, feed-forward microphones and calling microphones.

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is expected to debut on January 14 next year alongside the S21.


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