Samsung Galaxy F1 Exposure: Releasing Next Year With Up To 10,000 Yuans ($1436.99)


Recently, everyone is most concerned about folding screens and screen openings, first manufacturer to introduce two design products. At the previous Samsung Developers Conference, Samsung showed everyone a new screen solution. Samsung then registered a new patent for two folding screens, which shows that folding will become a trend for some time to come. Samsung’s first foldable new machine will be named Samsung Galaxy F1, and the phone will be released as early as next year.

Samsung Galaxy F1 original foldable design uses a dual-screen design, the outside of the fuselage is equipped with a screen, while the inside of the fuselage is On the other screen, the screen inside the fuselage is unfolded to a large 7-inch screen, while the outside is a small 5-inch screen. This design is extremely rare at present, but Samsung has also registered two folding designs. Which one is the final one is not yet confirmed. In the back design of the new phone, Samsung Galaxy F1 uses a rear dual-camera combination, the body is made of glass material, the back of the phone looks very similar to Samsung Note 9. In the overall design of the new phone, Samsung Galaxy F1 continues Samsung’s many design elements, the new phone looks more black technology.

In some areas, Samsung’s own Snapdragon 9820 processor will be adopted. The performance of these two processors is the industry leader. level. In terms of the memory combination of the new phone, the Samsung Galaxy F1 will start with a 6GB+128GB memory combination, and the new phone will have a version of 8GB+512GB. This memory combination is a continuation of Samsung Note 9.

In the camera combination of the new phone, Samsung Galaxy F1 uses a rear dual 20MP combination, the dual camera supports optical image stabilization and electronic iris function, and in the new machine front design, the new Samsung Galaxy F1 will A single 20-megapixel camera is used. In other configurations of the new phone, the Samsung Galaxy F1 will be equipped with on-screen fingerprint recognition and wireless charging.

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Samsung has been preparing for this new folding phone for nearly three years, and Samsung has officially confirmed that the new phone will be released in early 2019 but has not yet confirmed the very accurate release time of the new machine. the new Samsung Galaxy F1 will locate the top flagship market, which also makes the price of the phone increase significantly. According to the news, this Samsung Galaxy F1 The starting price will be 10,999 yuan ($1580.54), and this price has indeed reached a certain new height. At present, there are only so many news about Samsung Galaxy F1.

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