Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Will Gets a New UTG Display


Samsung‘s first sophisticated smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, was introduced this year with a flexible polyamide screen. The second generation of sophisticated South Korean smartphones is expected in 2020. It was recently announced that the Galaxy Fold 2 is likely to have a new type of display that is much thinner and much more scratch-resistant. We can now confirm these rumors when Samsung introduced the brand name “Ultra-Thin Glass”.


On December 9, 2019, Samsung Electronics filed three trademark applications through a contact person in Spain, which are related to each other. These are the names of Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass, Samsung UTG, and UTG. The applications are in Class 9. It is understood from the description that these types of screens can be used for various types of electronic devices, including smartphones. In October, it was the first mention of UTG usage for sophisticated Samsung Galaxy phones.

Ultrathin glass has a thickness of less than 100 microns (microns), may even be 30 microns. In comparison, it is the same as human hair. UTG displays should look better and, in addition, be much more scratch-resistant. However, it has a downside as it is more difficult to produce and, moreover, more expensive. But there are enough videos on YouTube where the Galaxy Fold has not passed the scratch test. Therefore, Samsung only benefits from choosing a new screen type.

According to ETNews’s Okzhina Bai, Samsung has entered into an exclusive partnership with Dowoo Insys for the medium to long term for the new display. This company will be several years ahead of its competitors. Samsung has invested US$12 billion in Dowoo Insys to expand its capacity in Vietnam. Samsung expects to release 5 to 6 million sophisticated smartphones next year.

Despite the fact that Ultra-Thin Glass displays are more expensive in production, Samsung seems to be able to significantly reduce the cost of the next generation. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was released for US$2205. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be similar to the Motorola RAZR and may fetch a price of US$1670. The announcement date is scheduled for February 18th. At the same time, they have to introduce the new Galaxy S11 series.

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