Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Snapdragon 855, 5G, 4500mAh, Four Cameras


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will hold a new product launch conference on the 7th of next month. It is still about 20 days from now, and the new design and new experience will definitely be in the mobile phone market. Take a good share.

The related design and related parameters of Samsung Note 10 have been confirmed. The appearance of Samsung Note 10 will continue the consistent and more accurate body contour scheme, and the curved screen will have a larger bending range, which is better. The visual shock and better mobile phone grip, as well as the details of Samsung,  will cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, a little regret, but the mobile phone’s process design is definitely a high standard.

The hardware is still the most concerned about everyone, Samsung’s flagship products are basically the highest standards of the industry’s technology and hardware! In addition to the processor equipped with the Snapdragon 855, Samsung Note 10 will also support and adapt the 5G network. This is probably a big selling point. In addition, the battery capacity of the mobile phone will be 4500 mAh and 25W. Fast charging protocol, the phone’s charging rate, and battery life performance will be more powerful.

The biggest discussion about the positioning of such a super flagship is probably the comprehensive screen solution of the mobile phone! Samsung Note 10 uses the opening design of the screen. Unlike the Samsung S10 series, the front opening of the mobile phone is moved to the central position of the mobile phone, which is also a “beauty”, which is an imperfect ID, but also Compromise and process standard decision-making, many Peoples questioned the design ugly, but believe that the real machine will not let everyone down!

There is also a photo of a mobile phone. Samsung has always achieved a high level of the industry in the photo of the mobile phone. Whether it is night shooting or other modes, it represents the industry’s first-class standard. Samsung Note 10 will be adopted. The four-camera solution will add a periscope camera to achieve high-magnification zoom, and the addition of a TOF camera will make a significant breakthrough in the photo-taking of the mobile phone, and the individual is looking forward to it.

Samsung Note 10’s design and hardware are the best in the industry, it can be said that the flagship machine in the second half of this year is the first choice! Continuation of the consistently high standard surface screen, the best screen display quality, and the new S-Pen stylus, good endurance performance and faster-charging efficiency, Samsung Note 10 can be said to learn from each other, is the largest Note series A new generation of rectified machines, very optimistic about the market of mobile phones! Of course, the country may be jealous!

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What is your biggest expectation for an upcoming 5G phone like Samsung Galaxy Note 10? Which core technologies do you want Samsung to join? Talk about your own opinion!

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