Samsung Galaxy Note 7 New Function: Smart Glow


Samsung has confirmed the next note series smartphone will be Samsung Galaxy Note 7 skipping Galaxy Note 6 out of expectation. So there are more and more news about Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.  According to the invitation card, it will announce on August 2 in USA. Now Note 7 has exposed a new smart function.



It will be equipped with Smart Glow notification. In fact, it is similar to the LED light on the Android phones which is used for reminding you of reading the unread message or other contents you need to do. In general, it will be put besides the front camera or receiver on the front screen. But this time, Samsung decides to design this function besides the back camera. It has added a circle of smart LED Glow around the rear camera. It’s very interested that it will show different color such as reminding you of the content setting, and other settings, rich options.  Users can also customize the Led light glowing frequency rate in settings or when phone is charging, the led light is on. So are you excited with this new smart glow function from Galaxy Note 7. Stay tuned.



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