Samsung Galaxy Notebook 7 Spin Affordable 3-in-1 PC Specs, Price, Review and More


Samsung has released a new transformed laptop, Samsung Galaxy Notebook 7 Spin  which has the similar design to Lenovo Yoga series and it can also support quick charge. This notebook has 13.3inch, and 15.6inch and both have 1080p touch screen. But 13.3inch notebook is powered by Intel Cor i5 processor, integrated graphics, and 15.6inch Notebook uses Intel core i7 processor NVIDIA GeForce 940mx GPU.


It has RAM 8GB, RAM 16GB or RAM 32GB three versions, and 128GB SSD hard disk, even 1TB disk. It has one HDMI, one USB Type C, three USB Type A port such as two USB 2.0 and One USB 3.0 port. And 15.6inch notebook also includes RJ-45 cable wire port.


Samsung claims this Samsung Galaxy Notebook 7 Spin can support quick charge to charge in 20 minutes for at most 2 hours use, and it has Video HDR mode, which can improve image display sharpness, color and texture which looks more gorgeous and outstanding. This notebook will go to the public on June 26 at $799.99.


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