Samsung Galaxy P30 Has Been Certified 3C: Or Will Be Released On October 11th


At present, in addition to the exposure of the new three-camera A7 2018, Samsung is also sure to launch the first four-camera A9 Star Pro in October. Although these two phones have attracted a lot of attention, Samsung seems to have a stronger product. At present, some netizens broke the news that Samsung will have a brand new P-series mobile phone next month. According to peoples who know Samsung, the price of this series is only 1999 yuan ($292), and two models of Galaxy P30 and P30 plus will be released at the same time. The key is that the configuration is surprising.

Earlier, it was reported that Samsung will launch a new P-series mobile phone for the Chinese market, and the name will be named P1. However, from the latest information on the news, Samsung P series mobile phones will have two models, as for the official name will be P30 and P30 plus.

The Samsung P30’s national bank model is SM-G6200, and the P30+ is SM-G6250. Previously, there was news on the Internet that this phone will be equipped with screen fingerprints, but now some netizens have denied that this phone is still equipped with rear fingerprint recognition.

Unexpectedly, the P30 mobile phone released this time is actually equipped with an LCD screen. It is not a common AMOLED screen. It is rare to have an LCD screen in Samsung’s products. It seems that Samsung is also a cost consideration. Although the spy photos of this new phone have not been exposed, according to netizens, the shape of this phone will be similar to the Samsung A9 Star, but it will look better.

Perhaps Samsung has seen the big environment in the domestic market, so Samsung will also play with the price/performance ratio. It is said that this P30 will launch the Snapdragon 720 processor. The main feature is to increase the frequency and increase the NPU unit, but the price is not Will rise too much. There is currently no more information about the Snapdragon 720, so the authenticity remains to be verified.

As for the price of the Samsung P30, there is news that the 6+128GB version is about 1999 yuan. In this case, its price/performance ratio is not lost to Xiaomi, honor and other phones. If the news is true, then the Samsung P30 will have in the mid-end market. Very competitive.

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However, at present, no certification information about the Samsung P30 can be found in China, but the source said that it will start in China in October and push it to the global market in November, but the release date is temporarily unknown.

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