Samsung Galaxy S10+: Design, Hardware, Features Review


After the smartphone market has grown from incremental to stock, the competition among mobile phone manufacturers has become increasingly fierce. On the one hand, the demand for market consumers has begun to shrink, and mobile phone sales have continued to decline. On the other hand, after several years of market education, consumers are no longer blind when buying mobile phones, but purposefully choose the one that suits them. product. The obvious changes in these two demands have forced mobile phone manufacturers to intensify product innovation and attract consumers to buy with better product performance, hoping to remain invincible in the competition of the stock market.

In such a competitive environment, mobile phone manufacturers with the advantages of the upstream industry chain naturally have greater advantages. For example, Samsung has the research and development capabilities of many mobile phone core components such as chips, screens, memory, camera modules, etc., which can guarantee the rapid mass production of self-developed black technology, lead the same generation products of other manufacturers, and ensure sufficient supply. Not out of stock.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is such a product, and the S10+ is a master of black technology. It has many aspects of black technology blessing and innovation. This product just happened to catch up with the tenth anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy S series. It can be said that Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a product made by Samsung with a sigh of relief, and it’s market performance is worth looking forward to. After a period of experience in depth, I combined my feelings to share with you the experience of using the product.

Design & Appearance

As we all know, Samsung has always rejected the all-in-one screen solution in the product. In Samsung’s view, although this has improved the use of the current screen, the ugly bangs are a public provocation for design aesthetics. Consumers naturally do not like Liu Hai’s comprehensive screen, but the manufacturers on the market are going to learn Apple, and the innovation of reliable is becoming rare. On the previous Samsung Galaxy A8s, Samsung brought another solution for the industry, screen punching technology. The purpose is to solve the problem of placement of the front camera to achieve the maximum full screen and minimum function loss. It turns out that such a solution is one of the best solutions under the current full-screen trend.

On the S10+, Samsung has carried forward such a technology. Through the perforation of the front screen, two cameras are placed. From the visual perception of the screen, the sacrifice of such a hole to the screen is within an acceptable range. The screen ratio also reached 93.1%. Especially after retaining the camera, consumers don’t need to change their habits and don’t need to compromise anything.

The screen opening of the S10+ is processed into an oval shape by Samsung. As for the occlusion problem that everyone cares about, the display direction can be adjusted during use, and the display blocking area can be bypassed without affecting the touch.

This screen maintains Samsung’s consistently high level of flagship machine manufacturers, the official said it is a super sensory full-screen. This is a brand new Dynamic AMOLED screen with a size of 6.4 inches and a resolution of 3K. On this screen, Samsung also adopted a new pixel arrangement, supported HDR10+ display technology, and received the German Rheinland Low Blu-ray certification.

In short, this is the best screen in the industry, so there is no doubt about it. Using the intuitive feeling of the screen, the performance of the Samsung S10+ screen is indeed better than any flagship machine on the market. It shows a very high level in many dimensions such as color gamut, dynamic range, and brightness, especially in playing video and playing games. When such a screen gives the player a visual experience, it cannot be done by other flagship products. As far as the screen is concerned, this screen of the Samsung S10+ is definitely a machine-level presence for the products on the market.

In the face of the fancy back shell design of the Android machine market, the Samsung S10+ is simple and low-key. The S10+ adopts an eight-curved 3D glass (ceramic) body, which has a good grip, and the curved edges of the left and right are close to the palm, giving the thin body a steady and steady feeling. Such a back shell design is a durable-looking type that gives the user a more comfortable sensory experience.

As for biometrics, this fingerprint identification technology does not use optical fingerprint sensors but uses a 3D ultrasound screen fingerprint scheme. Compared with the optical screen fingerprint on the market, the unlocking speed is faster, and it can adapt to many usage scenes such as hand wetness, hand dirty, film, etc. in the life, which undoubtedly makes the fingerprint unlocking experience under the screen Upgraded to a new height.


In addition to the full screen, the next attractive one should be the Samsung S10+ photo. The front double camera we are not here to elaborate, talk more about this back three shots. The Samsung S10+ uses a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera that automatically switches between apertures F/1.5 and F/2.4 (physical, variable aperture), 16 Megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens with a maximum angle of 123° and a maximum aperture of F/2.2, the telephoto lens is 12 Megapixels. The multi-lens combination brings more gameplay to Samsung’s camera and further enhances the imaging effect.

What’s more obvious is that with the addition of a super wide-angle lens, you can accommodate more scenery on the screen at the same distance. The real-time blur function has been improved, and it can provide four modes of “blurring”, “rotation”, “zoom” and “color point” to support the effect adjustment, and does not limit the position of the subject from the lens. Samsung has also added new features such as scene optimizer, AI recognition and photo suggestions to enhance the user’s photo experience. The HDR10+ video recording is supported on the video, and the front and rear cameras support 4K UHD video recording.

After the experience test, the super wide-angle lens can take a wider picture and get a better shooting experience. During the day, the performance of the Samsung S10+ is the flagship. It has a good performance for the layering, transparency and detail display of the picture, and the color training of the photos is also in line with the aesthetics of modern young users. Coupled with the excellent display quality of its own screen, it can be said that S10+ is a super flagship experience from framing to shooting to sharing. The name of the one-click big film can also be used on S10+.

Samsung’s camera, night scene shooting is also very powerful. When shooting night objects, Samsung Galaxy S10+ can suppress the highlights well, increase the brightness of the dark parts, and control the noise. Taking this sample as an example, S10+ has good control of the subject with high brightness under the condition of ensuring the brightness of the overall picture, and there is no halo or overexposure. At the same time, the details of the character are obtained. Good reduction, even the shadow of the shoes have a good imaging performance.

In the macro and imaginary performance, the film is sharp, the background blur is in place, there is no out of focus, and there is no wrong judgment of the main outline. The overall performance is remarkable.

Hardware & Performance

Samsung’s S-series is the highest specification in the same period of time, both in design and in hardware configuration. This generation is also the same on the S10+. Snapdragon 855 chip, 8GB storage start, up to 12GB optional, storage is 128GB/512GB/1TB optional and supports up to 512GB Micro SD card expansion, and UFS2.1 specification, no loss is Android machine emperor.

The author who runs the score is not tested. It is a waste of time. Let’s take a look at the game and play the video. In the stimulating battlefield, the S10+ can turn on HDR HD quality and super high frame count. In the continuous experience, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ also has no obvious dropped frames, afterimages, overheating and performance degradation.

In the operation of the movement and the rotation of the lens, there is a good picture rendering, smooth and unpredictable. In the glory of the king, not to mention, super high quality, various animation effects can be driven to the highest, 60 frames full run without pressure.

The smooth performance of the picture and the smooth expression of the operation are crucial for the game experience of the mobile phone. Both of these points, S10+ have done it.


In terms of battery life, the 4100mAh large battery is safe to use for one day. The wireless charging experience is also good. After all, it supports fast charging.

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ actually has a lot of highlights, it is a collection of black technology, such as wifi6, IP68 level dustproof and waterproof, wireless shared charging, etc., can bring a qualitative improvement to the experience of the product itself. Samsung’s performance on the S10+ is relatively radical, and this is also the face of an increasingly fierce market environment. It has the best screen performance in the world, the strongest performance, the most black technology, whether it is from design, performance, photo, it is the leader and innovator in the flagship match.

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