Samsung Galaxy S10+ Re-Explosive! 94.3% Super High Screen Ratio


Samsung Galaxy S series next-generation flagship phone S10 distance we should still be a few months away, but recently there has been a lot of online news about this phone.

According to the news, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will still have a large “S10+” model, and the S10+ screen will account for 94.3%. For mobile phones with traditional straight-board design, this achievement is very rare. However, combined with the news that Bloomberg received from the source, the S10+ mobile phone may be equipped with on-screen fingerprint recognition and off-screen camera technology at the same time, so this high-screen ratio is also possible.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ will still adopt the design of the full-view curved screen, but there is no notch, no pop-ups, and no lifting lenses. But where is the narrow forehead and chin, where are the front lenses and sensors?

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ mobile phone model is SM-G9750, and the battery capacity will reach 4000mAh or more. Samsung also revealed at the 4G/5G summit held in Hong Kong recently that it will launch UFS 3.0 commercial products in the first half of 2019 and commercial LPDDR5 memory in 2020. Samsung S10 series phones will also be launched with UFS 3.0 flash memory, but may not be fully adopted.

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If Samsung Galaxy S10+ can really achieve such a comprehensive screen effect, then Samsung can only use the black technology that hides the camera under the screen. In this way, Samsung is finally going to open up again!

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