Samsung Galaxy S11 Patent Shows a Completely New Design


Samsung may want to take a completely new path with the Galaxy S11 when it comes to the design of a smartphone. A patent now describes what Samsung has patented and how it will be used. Colleagues from LetsGoDigital have made some renders based on this information.

Which in any case is very clear that the screen is completely rounded off. The patent also describes that it is a phone with a full screen on the front. In the patent, it becomes clear that some adverse issues are being solved in this way. For example, manufacturers are still somewhat dependent on bezels to be able to hide buttons in the side. However, Samsung describes in the patent that these bezels are no longer needed. It also becomes easier to control the smartphone with the new design.

It is of course still too early to determine whether this will really be the new Galaxy S11. It does, however, provide a good and realistic view of what Samsung is planning in the near future. It is clear that the necessary cameras and sensors will be placed under the screen.

In the renders, we also see that the rear cameras are placed vertically again. This corresponds to the Galaxy Note 10 which will get a similar setup. However, it is still too early to be able to make a judgment about this. The new Galaxy S11 is only expected in February.

It now seems to be a competition to see which manufacturer can deliver the best screen ratio. We saw the first curved screens in 2015 in the Galaxy S6 Edge. Since then, various manufacturers have been looking for opportunities to match the experience and screen size. With the new patent from Samsung, the Galaxy S11 seems to be the new driving force in that story. We must also remember that manufacturers such as Oppo (Reno) and OnePlus (7 Pro) are already very far at that stage.

The first renders of the Galaxy Note 10 also seemed to be hinting at this new screen, but in the meantime, we have already said goodbye to it. The gap in the screen for the camera now seems to be final. The Galaxy S11 may, therefore, prove that a smartphone is also possible with a full screen at the front, without bezels.

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