Samsung Galaxy S11e Would Have a Much Bigger Battery


The Korean company Samsung is already preparing to launch the Galaxy S11 series, which will traditionally be presented to us in February. In the databases of the SafetyKorea website, not so long ago, a reference was made to the EB-BG980ABY battery, designed for the device with the model number G980, and, since the Galaxy S10e was labeled as SM-G970, we can assume that we are talking about the Galaxy S11e.

Photos of the detected battery were published, and despite the low quality of the images, you can see its capacity – 14.36 Wh. Given that the battery runs on 3.85 V, we assume that the upcoming Galaxy S11e will have no more than 3730mAh.

If this turns out to be true, the novelty will hold a charge 20% longer than its predecessor Galaxy S10e, however, against the background of competing smartphones with batteries of 4000mAh or more, this value seems rather small.

The EB-BG980AB battery, among other things, got a square shape. Based on this, we can conclude that this is not just an improved old component, but a completely new and redesigned one. Some insiders say that the reason for the increase in battery capacity was that the Galaxy S11e will have a screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, as well as support for fifth-generation networks.

As for the Galaxy S11 model (without the “e” prefix), one of its main features will be an unusual sensor called a spectrometer. The documentation that GSMArena was able to find says that it will be used for various measurements – from how dehydrated the user is to the number of calories in food.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a 108MP camera and five-time optical zoom – The Elec says this. Most likely, it will be exactly the same sensor as the Mi Mix Alpha, but this is not surprising, because it is the Korean manufacturer that supplies them to Xiaomi.

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