Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Rendering: Under-Screen Fingerprint, 200 Megapixels


In fact, there are still many fans of Samsung mobile phones in China, and the industrial design capabilities of Samsung mobile phones are still very strong. Samsung’s next-generation flagship model is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It is said that the design of the appearance and hardware parameters will usher in a comprehensive change. At the same time, foreign media have also produced the rendering design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

There is news that Samsung will cancel the Samsung Note series, and the stylus of the Samsung Note series will be equipped on the Samsung S22Ultra. Samsung S22Ultra’s stylus will use the same color design as the body, and there are four color versions. I personally think that the best-looking design is the white body design. In addition, the shape of the camera module of the Samsung S22Ultra has also undergone a huge change, which is completely different from the previous generation of camera modules with a convex body.

The screen material of Samsung S22Ultra uses its own best M series materials, and the display effect is very good, especially the screen resolution of Samsung S22Ultra will be upgraded to 4K, and the maximum brightness of the screen will be upgraded to 2000nit, under strong light It still shows clearly. In addition, Samsung S22Ultra uses a brand-new under-screen camera and iris recognition technology and solves the window effect produced by the 4K resolution screen.

The design of the Samsung S22Ultra on the back of the fuselage is also a breakthrough, especially the appearance of the camera module on the back of the phone. A total of 5 camera lenses are divided into two camera modules. The left camera module contains three lenses and the right camera. The module contains two lenses. From the perspective of lens size, the main basis for distinguishing the five lenses is still the size of the lens. After the Samsung mobile phone started to increase the number of lenses following Huawei, the number of camera lenses of the Samsung S22Ultra also reached 5.

The main lens of the Samsung S22Ultra camera will use its own 200 Megapixel lens, while the ultra-wide-angle lens is 100 Megapixels, the telephoto lens is 64 Megapixels, the portrait lens is 50 Megapixels, and the macro lens is 50 Megapixels. The camera lens parameters of the Samsung S22Ultra are very high, and the shooting effects are also very good. The telephoto lens has a zoom factor of 8 times, a hybrid zoom factor of 300 times, and the main camera’s sensor has reached 1 inch.

In terms of hardware configuration design of Samsung S22Ultra this time, there will still be two versions on sale at the same time, one version is Orion Exynos2200, and the other version is Snapdragon 895 processor, in addition to Exynos2200 is a self-developed chip, the two The performance of all processors is very good. And this time the battery capacity of Samsung S22Ultra will be increased to 6000 mAh, and the fast charging technology will also be upgraded to 50W wired and 50W wireless. The performance of battery life will no longer be criticized by consumers.

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the result of a redesign no matter from the appearance design, internal hardware configuration, and camera system, which is completely different from the design style of the previous generation. The Samsung mobile phone’s battery fast charging and battery life performance was not good enough before, but after the redesign of the Samsung S22Ultra, the overall performance is even better. Under the premise of the fall of Huawei mobile phones, Samsung S22Ultra will still have a large potential consumer market in the future.

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