Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Iphone 7 Plus


Galaxy S7 has not been released for a long time, but more and more users are caring about Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s said Galaxy S8 will come with 4K screen and it will have dual camera and there are two holes besides two lens. We can not be sure how the open hole uses the sensor to do the auxiliary of the camera. But many users think it will be the best rival for Iphone 7 Plus.


It’s not first time to show dual camera on its new flagship smartphone for Samsung, but according to the other media, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge will be first used dual camera, but it is likely to use dual camera module from Samsung Semco. But now the netizen leaked that Galaxy S8 will also use dual camera with two holes besides two lens. As for its use, we have no idea.  Although it’s just rumor, it is very likely to be true with dual camera on Galaxy S8. Because LG G5 from LG and Huawei P9 from Huawei and other smartphones have used dual camera, even so does iPhone 7. So Samsung will not fall behind to use dual camera to take this good chance first. And Galaxy Note series focuses on dual curved screen and handwriting function, they will not use dual camera. so Galaxy S8 will use dual camera to follow the tendency.


More importantly, Semco plans to attach great importance to HDR and Smart ZOOM and other special functions on dual camera modules for catching the current market, and they will contact the manufacturers from apple and itself actively, So Galaxy S8 will first use dual camera design to have a try. Because they have no problem in resource supplying.


As for the specs of Dual camera from Samsung Semco, we have no more news, according to the SamMobile, if Samsung adopts dual camera, the working principle will be very close to LG G5,  so it will take standard and wide viewing shooting mode, which is responsible for daily shooting for wide viewing angle.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will take 4K screen, because Samsung has shown a 5.5inch 4K AMOLED screen, its screen pixel density up to 806ppi, and its brightness will not be lower than Galaxy S7. So Galaxy S8 will probably use 4K screen.

In addition, it is said Galaxy Note 7 will use USB Type C port, so does Galaxy S8. In processor, Samsung will be first to use 10nm craftsmanship processor, so the efficiency will be higher and power consumption lower.  Although it’s rumor, we can’t be confirmed right now. So we are expecting Galaxy S8 will bring more highlights in the near future.


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