Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: With a New Experience of Health Functions


According to reports, global smartwatch shipments in the second quarter of this year increased by 47%. This shows that smartwatches have begun to be widely recognized by consumers. With perfection, the smartwatch is no longer the “large bracelet” of the past but has transformed into an “important link” in our smart ecological experience.

As a “veteran player” in the field of smartwatches, Samsung relied on the excellent product strength of the Galaxy Watch 3 series to hand over a dazzling sales report in the first half of the year; then in September, we waited for the release of the new generation of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series smartwatches. The double upgrade of the new watch in terms of software and hardware undoubtedly fills the expectations. What new experience can these upgrades bring us? Follow the comments below to let us uncover them one by one.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series is divided into two models, GalaxyWatch4 and GalaxyWatch4Classic, both of which have a wealth of color options. The former has a 44mm and 40mm version, and the latter has 46mm and 42mm options and is equipped with a physical rotating bezel. This time we received the GalaxyWatch4 Falling Sakura gold color, this color is also exclusive to the 40mm version, which is more suitable for girls.

Now smartwatches have become the standard equipment for many fashionistas. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 adopts a modern minimalist design in appearance. The pink aluminum alloy case on both sides is integrated with a black dial, which is in dark and light colors. The collocation is fashionable and full of personality, and you can also change the strap and dial to match the daily different clothing choices.

At the same time, the case adopts an ergonomic design suitable for all-weather wear, demonstrating Samsung’s unique accomplishments in industrial design that combines aesthetics and practicality.

The outer ring of the dial adopts a chamfered design to make the screen look more three-dimensional. The outer glass of the screen adopts the sturdy Corning Gorilla DX+ glass, which effectively resists daily friction and scratches.

The aluminum alloy case on the side is frosted, which not only improves the quality but also prevents fingerprints from being contaminated. The watch is equipped with a home screen button and a return button. The home screen buttons have a red rim for easy identification. Below the buttons is a radio microphone, and on the opposite side is a long two-hole speaker.

The thickness of the watch is only 9.8mm, and the curved case design gives the side visual effect a sense of harmony and unity. The weight of the watch is 25.9g, and it will not feel like a fall when worn. The strap material is a skin-friendly rubber strap. Users can choose straps of other colors or materials for matching. The wearing method is a traditional internal buckle, 10 holes The watchband can meet the wearing needs of most people.

Hardware upgrade

This time Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is equipped with a 1.19-inch SuperAMOLED screen and supports an AOD off-screen display with a resolution of 396*396. Thanks to the excellent screen material, the display effect is vivid and delicate, and the high brightness and high contrast characteristics can make You can easily see the screen in the sun.

In terms of processor, this time Samsung has brought to GalaxyWatch4 a processor built with the latest architecture and manufacturing process-Orion Exynos W920, built with a 5nm process, with two Cortex-A55 architecture cores, clocked at 1.18Ghz, graphics Using Mali-G68 core, its processor performance has a leap-like improvement compared to Exynos9110, GPU graphics performance is increased by 10 times.

Not only that, but this time ExynosW920 also integrates a low-power Cortex-M55 display processor to process the image information displayed on the AOD screen, effectively improving the battery life performance under daily use.

With the support of the latest architecture, 5nm manufacturing process, and independent display processor, the official said that it can reach up to 40 hours of battery life. Not only that but the watch is also equipped with a fast charge function, which can be fully charged in less than 2 hours and charge for 30 hours. It can be used for more than 10 hours in a minute. In actual use, even under the heavy use of turning on blood oxygen monitoring, turning on QQ, QQ music, and connecting to Bluetooth to listen to music, the watch’s battery life can meet the use of one day.

After testing, Samsung’s 10W wireless charger can also wirelessly charge the watch.

In terms of storage space, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is equipped with 16GB of storage space, which can be used to store music and picture data and can be automatically synchronized through the phone. Even if the phone is not around, you can still enjoy music and enjoy photos, while increasing the running memory by 50%. Space brings a smoother and more comfortable experience.

In addition, the watch integrates Samsung BioActive body vitality sensors, accelerometers, barometers, gyroscopes, geomagnetic sensors, and light sensors. The full range of sensor equipment is fully up to the level of flagship smartwatches.

System Experience

This time, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, through in-depth cooperation with Google, built the One UI watch version based on the Wear OS operating system for the first time, bringing a new application ecological experience. In order to achieve the best experience, we used the latest Samsung Galaxy ZFlip35G mobile phone for pairing.

The experience of the One UI watch version is very simple and brisk. The system can be divided into two major sections, one is the system card and the other is the App application section; swipe right on the main interface of the dial or slide on the edge of the screen to quickly switch between various types. Function card, the left swipe on the main interface of the dial is to view notification messages, the upper swipe to open the App application list, and the lower swipe to open the shortcut panel.

The application interface adopts a circular icon list style, and you can scroll up and down to view by sliding the screen, which is simple and clear. The logic of the system operation is also quite simple. You can go back by swiping on the left side of the screen or pressing the return button, and pressing the home button will directly return to the home dial.

At the same time, after using the Galaxy WearableApp on the phone to pair and connect, you can make rich and detailed personalized settings for the watch. The main page provides settings for the dial, applications, cards, and shortcut panels.

In the watch settings tab, you can set up various advanced functions of the watch, such as gesture control, button customization, watch content synchronization, etc., and set up everything on the watch properly through the large screen. In addition, the watch can also interact with Samsung Galaxy phones. Carry out seamless synchronization and collaboration, share with mobile phones and synchronously identify important settings such as Do Not Disturb time, blacklist of incoming calls, and world time.

In the application market that comes with Samsung mobile phones, select the “wearable device” in the bottom bar, and you can download a variety of different applications and watch faces.

The Bixby voice assistant, which is loved by Samsung mobile phone users, is also built into the watch. You can call out Bixby by long-pressing the home button and open the application with your voice, which is convenient and quick.

Application experience

In the introduction of localized applications, Samsung GalaxyWatch4 supports a variety of widely acclaimed third-party applications, covering payment, sports, chat, music, maps, and other categories.

On the QQ watch version, it can support text chat (voice to text), voice call, and common basic function settings, and the adaptation function is relatively complete.

Alipay supports the payment code function.

QQ Music supports listening to popular songs, favorite songs, and top songs. The songs you listen to are supported for downloading. It does not support self-searching for songs. Currently, you can only use your QQ account to scan the code to log in.

Gudong Watch Edition supports the recording of running, cycling, and walking sports.

The built-in App software also has some special features, such as the Buds controller, which can support Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and later Samsung Buds series true wireless headsets for control, and can adjust the ambient sound and noise reduction mode by itself (only supports headsets with active noise reduction) , Touch blocking and other functions.

After pairing a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can use the camera controller to preview the real-time view through the watch, press the shutter to take a picture, and you can view the taken photos on the watch. This function is very useful in the scene of a group photo and self-portrait. NS.

Health Monitoring

In the past, smartwatches generally could only monitor the heart rate and blood oxygen saturation of the human body. If you want to obtain more detailed physical condition information, you can only use body fat scales and other body measuring instruments.

With the support of the BioActive body vitality sensor, Samsung GalaxyWatch4 not only meets the two monitoring functions of heart rate and blood oxygen but also supports the “body composition index analysis” function, which can measure various body data in an all-round way for users to manage their health goals.

During the test, you need to press two fingers on the two buttons on the right side of the watch and follow the instructions to raise your arm, you can perform body composition index analysis and measurement within 15 seconds to obtain body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, and body water. Body information.

In terms of exercise detection, the watch supports automatic detection of the exercise the user is doing and automatically synchronizes data after the exercise is over. It can also quickly enter the exercise mode through voice, supports more than 90 exercise methods, and fully covers daily exercise scenes.

Sleep mode is basically the standard configuration of smartwatches, but the sleep mode that supports snoring detection is very rare, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is one of them. By using it with a mobile phone, it can detect the user’s snoring during sleep. The situation, through the sleep report, users can analyze their own sleep conditions and improve their sleep quality.

Unfortunately, the author was not detected snoring while sleeping, so there is no way to show it to everyone. Using the Samsung Health App, you can synchronize the health data on the watch with your phone, and you can learn more about your health through the large screen. With the health training tutorial and plan reminder that comes with the App, you can exercise more scientifically.

In addition, Samsung GalaxyWatch4 supports IP68 dustproof and waterproof levels, and passed the MIL-STD-810G standard certification, it is rugged and durable without fear of daily running water and sweat.

Dial: A Variety of Styles

In terms of dial style, Samsung GalaxyWatch4 comes with six categories and dozens of dials to choose from, covering analog pointers, digital dials, health dials, etc. It also supports picture backgrounds, AR dynamic shoots, and Bitmoji emoji dials. Enriched the fun of the dial.

In addition, you can also generate a personalized watch face by taking a photo or selecting a picture. AI will automatically generate a watch face with eight different elements according to the color elements in the photo. Different photos will have different color effects.

Some dials support custom color and background adjustments, as well as regional function settings. You can place frequently used functions in a certain area of ​​the main dial, and you can quickly turn it on when the screen is on.

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As Samsung’s new flagship in the field of smart wearable devices, Samsung GalaxyWatch4 still maintains Samsung’s strong product leadership in the field of smartwatches. Not only has a simple and stylish design and a comfortable wearing experience but also has been upgraded and optimized in terms of hardware and software, bringing a better experience and long battery life. At the same time, the in-depth cooperation with Google, the support of third-party apps, and the synchronization of multiple devices have greatly broadened the application ecology and scenarios of smartwatches.

In addition, this comprehensively upgraded health function is also one of the highlights. Today, when the concept of health is more and more important, the comprehensive health monitoring function of Samsung GalaxyWatch4 can help users easily and scientifically grasp their own health conditions. Obtain more effective training results to meet the different needs of consumers for health.

Today, when smart wearable devices are gradually developing and flourishing, Samsung, which has been deeply involved in the field of smartwatches for 8 years, can continue to lead the development trend of Android smartwatches through more innovative products in the future? Let’s wait and see.


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