Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Screen Patent Leaked


The foldable smartphone Galaxy X has been expected by users since it was exposed, the reason we look forward to it is not only the cool design, but also it shows its uniqueness among a lot of similar smartphones on the current market, but for this future phone, Samsung Mobile communications business CEO, DJ KOH leaked their company still doesn’t satisfy with this device, in order to optimize in user experience, this product will delay to 2019.

Recently WIPO has announced Samsung has applied for curved display patent draft, its receiver and camera are located on the top half part, the battery is in lower part, so when it is folded, it will not affect its hardware.

According to previous news, Galaxy X will use a 7.3 inch display, after folding, users will not see folding trace. Meanwhile, this new phone support heart rate function and other functions, we hope Samsung don’t let us wait for too long about this future phone.

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