Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Expected to Announce ahead of Schedule


With the release of Samsung’s folding screen phones, it will impact the existing flagship series to some extent, and it will cost a lot of energy to maintain the four product lines of S, Note, Z Fold and Z Filp at the same time. Therefore, Samsung is likely to replace the Note series with the Z Fold line, while the Z Fold 3 is likely to be released early.

Samsung is expected to launch the Samsung Z Fold 3 in June next year, according to the company. In contrast, the Samsung Z Fold 2 was released overseas in August along with the Samsung Note20 series. It points out in the article that if the next generation Samsung Note series is not released as scheduled, there is a good chance that it will go out of business. To make up for the absence of the Note series, the Samsung S21 and future S series phones are likely to support S-Pen input. It’s worth noting that while the Samsung S21 Ultra supports the S-Pen, the S-Pen itself may require an additional purchase.

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In terms of folding screen products, Samsung Z Fold 3 will come with S-Pen, and Samsung plans to launch a new generation of Samsung Z Filp, Samsung Z Fold S and other folding screen products next year.


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