Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 / Z Flip 4 Consider using ATL Batteries


Samsung is evaluating whether its upcoming foldable smartphone will use batteries from Chinese battery maker ATL.

According to TheElec, the Galaxy Z series of foldable phones will use ATL batteries for the first time if Samsung Electronics’ mobile division agrees.

To date, Samsung has used most of the batteries in its Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold lines supplied by affiliate Samsung SDI.

The report said Samsung may consider ATL as a supplier for its folders to save costs. South Korean analysts expect Samsung to cut the price of its latest foldable phone, due out later this year.

Batteries account for about 5% of the cost of making a smartphone. This is not a key factor when companies decide the price of their products. However, Samsung Electronics can lower the unit price of its existing supplier Samsung SDI by using ATL.

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Samsung also plans to use batteries from LG Energy Solutions in its latest foldable phones.


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