Samsung Released Bespoke Jet Bot AI at 1,599,000 won


Samsung has unveiled a sweeping robot called the Bespoke Jet Bot AI, designed specifically for families with pets. The sweeping robot has a brush-like design, with a double-suction structure to more effectively remove lost pet hair.

The sweeping robot has a powerful built-in AI function, which can accurately identify the structure of the house and efficiently clean the indoor environment.

The biggest highlight of the sweeping robot is its support for pet care. When users are not at home, they can observe their pets through the built-in camera and record the animal’s daily life as a video.

The sweeping robot also monitors the pet’s condition and notifies the user if it notices anything unusual, such as excessive barking or prolonged immobility.

The Bespoke Jet Bot AI, which comes in beige and lime green, is priced at 1,599,000 won.


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