Samsung Telescopic Display Phone Patent Exposure


Samsung submitted a patent application to the World Intellectual Property Organization in April, entitled “Electronic Devices including Flexible Display”, WIPO recently issued the patent application This may give us clues about the possible design of the Samsung Galaxy S11+.

The patent reveals a mobile phone with a sliding, retractable display with a narrow upper frame. In this way, the front of the phone is almost all screens, and the bottom has a narrow metal frame for the screen to shrink up and down from the bottom.

The retractable display is located on the back of the phone and can be moved from the bottom of the phone to the top. When the screen is expanded, there is a second, smaller display on the back that uses a partially retractable screen. Even when the screen is expanded, the second screen is smaller than the previous screen. You can answer the call by swiping up the screen.

Part of this patent also relates to a down-screen camera that rotates when the screen is pushed out. On the back of the phone, the “through-hole” allows the lens to capture photos even if the screen is retracted. The patent also covers a dual camera version of this configuration.

The scalable screen technology shown in the patent may not be ready yet. However, LetsGo Digital said it expects the Samsung Galaxy S11+ with a larger “elongated” display to use a sliding, retractable screen.

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