Samsung to Deliver Foldable Display to Xiaomi and Oppo


Samsung will launch a foldable smartphone with Super AMOLED screen from Samsung Display next year. According to a report by ETNews, China’s smartphone makers Xiaomi and Oppo they would be about to start working on folding devices, with the help of Samsung.

Seeing more and more devices borderless, it is plausible that producers are focused on looking for innovative solutions, perhaps even following different paths. Thus, Chinese companies Xiaomi and Oppo – according to the report by ETNews, they could soon opt for a collapsible solution. The common thread between the two companies is Samsung.

The South Korean company would already be sending display samples to competitors. Nothing strange, given the results obtained by Samsung in sales of iPhone and not only. The strategy could prove once again winning: on the one hand, the company will still gain from the success of its rivals, on the other, it will leave them the task of testing the ground before launching into the market with a similar product.

Industry analysts predict that the Korean giant could send up to a million foldable screens, which will then become 5 million by 2020, involving companies like Oppo, Xiaomi, and others, while other companies may refer to display manufacturers such as BOE ed LG. It seems clear that the next challenge in the sector is to bring the folding devices.

However, in 2019, we will be able to see the Samsung folding smartphone as well as Xiaomi and Oppo. If the site has information and details of this and will soon update. Of course.

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