Samsung Will Investigate the Screen Problems of the Galaxy Fold


Recently, some tech media and KOL reflected that shortly after the review, Samsung Galaxy Fold appeared screen rupture, black screen, flashing and other issues, causing widespread concern. Subsequently, Samsung responded that it is doing an in-depth investigation to determine the main cause, and at the same time reminded that the inner screen is attached with a protective film, do not remove it.

It is understood that the film on the surface of Samsung Galaxy Fold is PI material (polyimide film), which is the best performance film insulation material in the world. It has excellent properties such as high-temperature resistance, electrical insulation, adhesion, and radiation resistance. It can replace traditional ITO glass and is widely used in substrates, covers and touch materials in foldable phones.

Formally benefit from the excellent characteristics of PI materials, the display of Galaxy Fold is 50% thinner than ordinary smartphone display and flexible and durable.

According to a media report of 19 April, after contacting Samsung Electronics headquarters, the company responded that some of the damage may be caused by the removing the protective layer on the display and that the reason for each faulty device will be thoroughly investigated.

According to the plan, Galaxy Fold will first be launched in the North American market on the 26th. Before the official release, Samsung provided the prototype of the phone to some American media reporters and digital bloggers for trial use.

A Samsung spokesperson said that the company has provided a limited number of Galaxy Fold prototypes to media reporters for review and has received some reports on the main display problems of the prototype.

It is understood that the protective layer on the top of the main display of the Galaxy Fold is part of the display structure, designed to protect the screen from accidental scratches. Some reviewers removed this layer of protection that is causing damage to the screen. In addition, adding adhesive to the main display may also cause damage. Samsung said it will personally investigate the prototype of these problems in order to finally find the cause of the failure.

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