See Three Changes of MIUI 9 From MIUI 8 OS First


Recently MIUI 8 Beta version has made some change, some operation is different from previous, The changes will leak the some new features of MIUI 9. Therefore, we can see some details and small functions from MIUI 8 beta to see through MIUI 9 difference.

First, three fingers operation cancelled. In MIUI 8 beta version, it has cancelled three fingers operation, which means users can not use this operation to change the screen order to set up the main screen. Hope MIUI 9 OS will recover this function. Although it is used less, when it necessary, the operation will be not easy. Right now the new-created desktop only allows to add on the most right, when you want to create a desktop on the left, it will be not easy, if wrong operation, you may remove all of icons on the desktop.

Second, the desktop icons put in order in batch. Two fingers operates the screen to enter into the interface of putting in order. After clicking App icon, the icon will be moved to the below drawer, after switching the new interface, in the drawer horizontal stroke, the icons collect together, click slightly, the icon will move to new desktop.


The new version solution: Cancel drawer, on the top right shows checking state in App, and then choose the icon at random to press long, all the icons will collect together, moving to the below, the preview desktop.

So which way do you like more?

For us, it seems to save the step to sliding operation, but from clicking to move, it seems very tedious. If facing icons to be classified, and then move to different desktops, it will be very non-convenient.

Third, Split screen function

More and more android smartphones support split-screen support, which brings some innovation. But current MIUI split screen seems a little easy. MIUI split screen will pop out n multi-tasking interface. It will allow an app supporting split screen to move to the top of the screen. The app must run on the background. After split screen, the app on the screen is under locking state, which can’t switch to other apps.

The operation way: Open app first, click multi-tasking button, move app to the screen to lock, until exit the split screen.

If it changes like this, it would be better.

1. Turn on split screen from desktop. Two screens show two desktops or Apps lists. Operate independently, choose the content they want.

2.Turn on Split-screen mode from App interface, the app content will show on the screen, the second screen will show desktops or APP lists. Then choose the app that wants to show.

Last but least, split screen will be not important for small screen smartphones. If after split screen function, it can switch two complete functions, independent screen, it will be better. Therefore, hope MIUI 9 will bring us more convenient and easier operation.



  1. I haven’t seen the spilt screen function until now in any version
    The screen shot shows Chinese rom
    Is this going to come
    I love multi mostly because to mirror to big screens

    • Mere pass to avitak beta rom nehi aya hai
      Main kese karunga miui 9
      Mera to 7.0 nagout nehi aya hai
      Mai kesi tera se karunga

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