SERVO C2 Smartwatch Review: Comes with Blood Pressure Wristband Curved Glass (34 pcs limited)


SERVO C2 Smartwatch multifunctional Smartwatch incorporates a round trip shading contact screen and diverse dial subjects are accessible. It will give you all the more fascinating wearing experience.

SERVO C2 Smartwatch


This smartwatch has a rectangular way of thinking, a vivacious look with silicon lash. It has alone the physical force button also as considering and a 3 touch key interfaces on the base of the screen like an Android telephone. The camera is isolated through on the screen for strong video calls. The part screen is a TFT LCD assessing 1.4 wet blankets with 240 x 240-pixel targets, giving new and clear outlines. the smartwatch is vivacious and with an IP67 waterproof rating. it has limited through to withstand a sprinkle of water.

SERVO C2 Smartwatch


SERVO C2 Smartwatch can profitably screen beats and the dynamic and resting beat changes to make an ace beat report. Reinforce beat screen and blood oxygen screen It’s a non-sorted out clinical contraption, circulatory strain data is from a general viewpoint foggy as a sort of the perspective.

SERVO C2 Smartwatch

SERVO C2 Smartwatch has a pedometer, beat screen, circulatory strain screen to screen your succeeding, and sports work out. It is other than squashed with a goliath level of purposes behind constrainment. For instance multi-sport mode, division counter, calorie counter, call, and message decisions. There is, additionally, a social application notice, for instance, Facebook and Twitter. there are various features starting at now.

SERVO C2 Smartwatch

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SERVO C2 Smartwatch has a standard call and message urgings. the social application sees a stopwatch. remote photography. The morning clock. The music control. The fixed update, drinking update. its best for you since it offers bewildering highlights. you can easily buy this from Banggood at  $22.99

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