SG901 4K Camera Drone Review: Optical Flow Positioning RC Quadcopter For Just $55.99 at TOMTOP


SG901 Drone is 4K aerial photography RC quadcopter, The High-definition camera provides a sharp image for capturing your memorable moment. With follow character function, this drone will capture your every move automatically and it is convenient for you to shoot by gestures. The high-energy-density lithium battery boosts power and delivers 18 minutes of flight time, giving you a more extensive flight experience, making it an ideal gift for kids and adults.

Buy SG901 4K Camera Drone from TOMTOP


This SG901 RC Drone has the cool shape, the drone is designed to be portable, and the quadcopter features a foldable arm design, this drone is easy to carry drones without any trouble. The SG901 RC Drone itself weighs About 211.3g with dimensions of 32 x 23 x 7.5cm (unfold); 15 x 9 x 7.5cm (fold). The battery is modular in design and easy to replace and replace. The high-energy-density lithium battery boosts power and delivers 18 minutes of flight time. The high-resolution 4K camera with a 90-degree adjustable angle captures the most beautiful scenery and offers super sharp image, giving you an extraordinary journey. The SG901 RC Drone has a Mini and beautiful appearance makes the foldable drone more attractive and Looking great. The design is unique and very successful. This makes it easier, more space-saving and safer to transport. Foldable drones are currently very popular, so it is not surprising that more and more folding drones are on the market.


SG901 RC Drone allows you to draw your trajectory route on the APP control interface, and the aircraft will automatically fly along the drawn trajectory with the current position. Just choose the master mode and face the aircraft lens. After the target person is locked, the drone could always follow your steps and point the camera to you to catch your every move and take aerial photos. When facing the front lens of the camera, specified gestures can be recognized and connect to the camera function of the aircraft. You can take photos by Victory Gestures and shoot videos by Box Gestures or Palm Gestures. There exist multiple filter effects on the APP interface for your choice. It is allowed you to add popular background music and create a wonderful music video. Share in the social network site. There exist 3 control modes including joystick mode, classic mode and motion sensing mode for your choice, which achieves more flexible and calculated operation. The optical flow position is mounted in the horizontal direction, and the air pressure is set at a high altitude to achieve stable flying, making the picture clearer. In addition, the SG901 RC Drone features superior & powerful 4K Camera and all-in-one function delivering the power for a smooth flight and stable hovering. You will have an amazing RC experience with such perfect drone.


Buy SG901 4K Camera Drone from TOMTOP

The SG901 RC Drone makes shooting much easier and professional, which is a good choice of aerial photography hobbyists. You can buy it from TOMTOP at $55.99 and Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping


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