Shargeek Storm 2 Slim Review: A Power Bank With TESLA Batteries


Almost all power banks available on the market have a similar design. They appear like a thick slab with a few ports and a battery indicator. Shargeek sent us the Storm 2 Slim, which has a couple of unique features that definitely make it stand out from the crowd.

It features an IPS display to show you the behind-the-scenes numbers of the battery pack, a 20,000mAh capacity, and 100W of power to charge every device from your smartwatch to your laptop, all at once.

Buy In Just $179.99 ($20 OFF)

Currently, this Power Bank has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter, and now is your chance to get one at $20 off. Today, it’s down to just $179 from its original price of $199 on the official website of the brand.


The outer packaging of the Shargeek Storm 2 Slim 130W Power bank comes in a black box, which has a large shiny metallic Brand Logo Shargeek with the power bank model on the top. On the back side of the box, the product parameter is also printed on the backside.

Pull-out packaging, after opening the box, a black storage bag made of linen material and a 100W fast charging cable are presented inside.

It comes standard with a 100W high-power fast charging cable with a built-in E-Marker chip. The material is soft, the wire is thick, and the overall workmanship is relatively solid.

Cyberpunk Design

The overall shell of the Shargeek Storm 2 Slim is made of fully transparent PC integral injection molding material, and the overall workmanship is very delicate. When I hold this power bank in my hand, the first thing I can feel is that it feels very good in the hand, and it is heavy without feeling heavy.

Through the inside of the PC case, we can clearly see that the electronic components of the power bank are arranged on the circuit board. I have to say that as a pure straight man, it is difficult to resist such a technological design.

This also shows from the side that SHARGEEK is very confident in the manufacturing process of its products. After all, put all the electronic components on the “bright side”. If there is a little flaw in the process of production and processing, it will be directly seen by the user.

Intelligent Display and Connections

The Shargeek Storm 2 Slim is embedded with a 235*140 IPS color screen, through which you can see information such as charging wattage, current, voltage, temperature, etc.

In terms of interface, there is a USB-A (output) and a USB-C (input/output) port on the body, which basically meets most uses, but it is a bit crowded. Of course, it would be better if you can add another C port. Both ports are made of all-aluminum alloy frosted material, and the texture is very good.

The side is covered with a white twill heat sink, and you can see that each power bank has a limited edition number.

This power bank uses a Cortex M4 intelligent control core with a main frequency of up to 144MHz, and a battery management metering chip that cooperates with the self-developed SOX power battery state algorithm to accurately control charge and discharge, accurately collect voltage, current, and temperature, and calculate and control output power in real-time, estimate the battery power, and present a professional-level visual charging experience.

Shargeek Storm 2 Slim adopts a matte black PCB main board, immersion gold technology, high-standard components, and patch reset typesetting. The main board and battery are stacked and arranged, and the internal integration is very high.

All controls come from small square buttons, a short press to switch, long press to confirm (it feels a little hard, personal feeling. Its measured weight is 452g, which is the weight of a small bottle of water, so it will not be too hard to carry.

Other power banks basically use ordinary 18650 batteries, but Shargeek Storm 2 Slim uses tesla’s four 21700 high-performance power batteries, so it has a higher energy density and stronger charging and discharging performance.

It can be seen that although the number of batteries of this generation has been halved (from 8 to 4), the battery capacity has reached 20,000mAh (72Wh), which is only 1/5 less than the previous generation of 8, which is a better cost The gains brought by the power battery have achieved a good balance between portability and power.

Appearance Conclusion

The hardware specifications and appearance design of the Shargeek Storm 2 Slim belong to the top level, and at the same time, it takes into account the convenience of carrying. It would be better if there is one more Type-C port.

Performance measurement on Laptops and Smartphones

(1) Protocol measurement

1. USB Type-A

Use POWER-Z to read the fast charging protocol of the USB-A interface, USB-A supports Apple2.4A, QC2.0, QC3.0, FCP, SCP, AFC, and MTK-PE fast charging protocol, and USB-A supports up to 30W output.

2. USB Type-C

The USB-C port supports a maximum of 65W input and 100W output and supports PD, PPS, QC3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, PE, and Apple2.4 fast charging protocols.

In addition to supporting five fixed voltage gears of 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, and 20V5A, the USB-C port also supports a set of 3-21V 5A fast charging gears.

(2) Charging measurement

USB Type-A—— iPhone XS Max charging

The actual measurement can stimulate Apple’s 2.4A fast charging protocol, which can reach a maximum of about 10W (the remaining power is about 30%), which is basically close to the theoretical peak of the machine’s 12W.

USB Type-C——Meizu 16s charging

The actual measurement can activate the MTK-PE fast charging protocol, but it may only reach 10W due to the cable relationship (the remaining power is about 40%).

USB Type-C——iPad Pro charging

The measured maximum can reach 33W (the remaining power is about 30%), and the power supply is stable at 28W, basically reaching the theoretical peak value of the highest iPad Pro native 35W.

USB Type-C——Laptop PD charging

Ordinary charging treasures cannot supply power to notebooks because the output power is too small. The Type-C port of Shargeek Storm 2 Slim can output up to 100W, which can supply power to notebooks that support PD charging (such as MacBook, Xiaomi Notebook, Legion Y7000 and etc.), even if you use it while playing, it is unlikely that the power will drop.

Simultaneous output of USB-C and USB-A ports

The maximum output power is 100W+30W=130W, which can be used to charge laptops and iPad/mobile phones at the same time, which is good news for friends who often travel.

Charging input

For this test, we use a 65W fast charging head to recharge the 130W power bank of the flash pole. It can be seen that the input can reach a maximum of 63W, and it is stable at around 60W, basically reaching the highest input peak value of 65W.


The Shargeek Storm 2 Slim is one of the best portable power banks: the 2000mAh battery is more than enough to charge a phone and a laptop multiple times, and it goes up to 100W via USB Type-C and an additional 30W via USB Type-A.

The slimmer profile makes it the ideal option for travel, and the transparent design will turn heads. The best part is the built-in screen; I love how easy it is to see how much charge is being attributed to a laptop or phone in real-time, and the novelty doesn’t wear off.

From the actual test results, the Shargeek Storm 2 Slim performs very well, especially the 130W high-power output, which can simultaneously meet the output power supply of 100W+30W, and it is more abundant in the usage scenarios. Generally speaking, as a high-end mobile power bank currently on the market, its performance and parameters are outstanding.


Buy In Just $179.99 ($20 OFF)

The Storm 2 Slim debuted for $199, but it’s priced at $179 on its official website at present. It’s a bargain considering the number of features on offer here and the unique design,


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