Shark NV501 Vacuum Cleaner Offered at $267 [on Amazon]


The Shark Rotator NV501 is a premium shark vacuum for many reasons. Not only is it suitable for heavy cleaning, but it also offers great features for its price range. Some of these outstanding features include excellent maneuverability, cleaning on multiple surfaces, and exceptional filtration with HEPA filter and anti-allergen Complete Seal technology.

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LED lights

Two bright LED headlights are attached to the NV501 floor nozzle. These lights help you spot dirt and dust when cleaning at night or in dark areas. Therefore, you will not leave any part of the floor with unwanted stains.


Posts usually have strong suction and NV501 is no exception. The suction is strong enough to hold carpets, rugs, bare floors, and above-the-floor areas such as windows and ceilings. Attachments can also maintain constant suction power.

Multi-surface Cleaner

The Shark Rotator NV501 comes with a dynamic brush roller for cleaning all surfaces. It effectively cleans all surfaces including tiles, wooden floors, and above-ground. This vacuum cleaner is a premium vacuum cleaner for its ability to clean and maintain different types of floors. The brushroll shutoff feature means you never have to worry about scratching your prized polished vinyl hardwood floor while vacuuming.

Disposal system

Shark Rotator NV501 does not need a bag and can be used with an easy-to-empty dirt tank of 0.88 liters. For routine cleaning, this should last for an entire cleaning session unless the house is too dirty. It opens up and down in both directions, so there is no chance of leaving dirt stuck.


The Shark Rotator Professional Upright Vacuum NV501 has many great features. First, it’s relatively light and extremely versatile. With the lift-away mode, you can clean hard-to-reach places effortlessly. The hose and wand aren’t too long, but they help with above-the-floor cleaning.

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Where To Buy

Shark NV501 Vacuum Cleaner is now finally started on sale on Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce store selling For Just $267. Click the following button to order now:

Buy Shark NV501 on Amazon


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