Sharp Shows Ultra-light VR Glasses at CES 2023


Sharp unveiled its new VR goggles during CES 2023, which use Sharp’s proprietary miniaturization technology and weigh just 175g.

The VR glasses are made up of an ultra-lightweight VR display and an ultra-thin eyepiece, so that users will not feel tired when wearing them for a long time. It is also easily carried by folding design.

In terms of hardware, the glasses are equipped with two 2K 120Hz screens, which can display 4K content, and anti-vertigo technology, which allows you to adjust the focus by changing the thickness of the lens, so that the Angle of view does not change even if the focus position moves, thus preventing vertigo.

It also integrates Sharp’s RGB color camera module, which uses a polymer lens for ultra-fast focusing.

Not only that, the device has two black and white cameras and supports hand tracking, which can be controlled without a VR controller.

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No release date has been announced for the VR goggles. Sharp says it is not releasing the content while it considers commercialization.


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