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Shengmilo MX21 500W E-Bike is a superb electric bike that promises exciting rides every time! Shengmilo MX21 is small in size with a solid aluminum frame that is strong and durable. The battery is hidden inside the frame to keep intruders out, while the compact electric motor on the rear wheel is turned off. very powerful. Thick tires provide stable traction, so you can use them on both flat roads and rough terrain.

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Shengmilo MX21 is a fantastic electric bike that promises exciting rides every time. Shengmilo MX21 is small in size with a robust aluminum frame that is durable and long-lasting. The battery is hidden inside the frame, which keeps the intruders in check, while the compact electric motor on the rear wheel is extremely powerful. The thick tires ensure a firm grip on the road, so you can use it on slippery roads as well as on uneven terrain. The frame is made with double-walled rims of durable 6061 aluminum alloy, which ensures a faster ride with less drag. The safe load on this ebike is up to 180 kg. Objectively speaking, it is a bike that most will consider small, it measures about 170 x 115 x 105cm, although it should be noted that it is possible to adjust both the height of the saddle and the handlebar, so that figure may vary a bit.


Shengmilo MX21 Fat Tires Compared to regular tires, these fat tires are wider and larger, with excellent abrasion resistance, stronger grip, low resistance, and incredible slip resistance. It is great for riding on city roads, mountains, snow, beaches, and other terrain. The waterproof LCD screen has speed, battery requirements, night vision function, mileage, flight status, etc. so you are well aware of the battery needs to be charged if you need to walk slowly or exactly how much you have covered on the electric bike.


Heavy-duty front suspension fork and rear suspension can greatly improve your driving pleasure and safety. Double disc brakes provide more stability, and the power is instantly cut off when you brake, ensuring your safety. Shimano’s 7-speed drivetrain system allows you to change gears and gears according to road conditions, allowing you to climb steep hills, descend gracefully, glide smoothly over sandy beaches and cross snowy terrain with ease.

Motor and Mileage

It comes as little surprise that the manufacturer has managed to pack a 500W/48W motor into a model of this price and size. Said motor delivers a 56nm torque motor, so we know it is good for climbing hills without the need for pedaling. However, the detail that takes the crown is the top speed of 40KM/h, although it should be noted that it has a speed limiting function that we will undoubtedly need to use in countries where the law stipulates a lower threshold for this class of vehicles.


The lithium-ion battery, which is interchangeable and has a capacity of 48V/12.8Ah, can be charged directly or removed and charged separately. The battery can be charged up to 900 times and lasts 5-6 hours on a single charge. The range is 40 to 60 kilometers per charge. Overcharge, overvoltage, over-discharge, and overcurrent protection are all included in the battery.

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